Fun at Disney’s The Pirate Fairy Screening

Last weekend Kiernan, myself and a few of our friend got to go see a private screening of Disney’s Pirate Fairy movie. This was the special advanced screening that we invited our local fans via our Facebook page. I am all about fairies and even more into pirates. So Kiernan and I donned our costumes ( to get int to the spirit and in hopes of winning a prize) and headed to the theater!

waiting to see Disney's Pirate Fairy
Pirate Fairy is am awesome movie. I love that Zarina just started out as an scientist… maybe a slight trouble maker too. I love that we have another Disney movie with a spirited red head. It was also really wonderful to find out more of the back story to some of the Peter Pan characters.

Little Pirate Kiernan

It was great to see how even when Zarina got a bit off course her fairy friends stood by to help her. Even when she turned everything upside down my switching their fairy skills. It made for some great funny moments.

It was so entertaining that even after waiting for over and hour to see the Pirate Fairy, Kienan still sat through the whole film! He enjoyed the sword fighting and I had to keep him from trying to sword fight in the theater.

pirate fairy booklet

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