DIY Super Mario Piranha Plants

Birthdays Parties are my favorite kind of parties. Sure they can be stressful but for me, they are filled with fun! Kiernan recently had a birthday and his party is coming up soon. His requested theme changed for a few months prior to his actual birthday but in the end, he selected a Mario theme. I immediately got to work on crafts for decor and here’s my first one!


Hit Up Dollar Tree!

The first store I went to was Dollar Tree. Hands down this store can keep you on a budget!  Here are the supplies I used, some I did end up picking up at the craft store since my Dollar Tree didn’t have them. This list will make two piranha plants with leftover supplies(hang on to these we may use them in more crafts).

  • craft foam in white
  • two pack of styrofoam balls
  • food skewer
  •  paint in red, green and possibly white
  •  2 pack of small terracotta pots
  • green floral foam ( mine were a 4 pack of small rectangles)
  • hot glue gun

Making Plant Base

Start by taking one of the floral foam pieces and one pot, then pull the foam down into the pot. This type of foam will crush easily and can be a little messy. I just pushed down on the foam until it was about level with the pot.repeat for the 2nd pot and piece of floral foam. Now flip your pot upsidedown and trace a circle on the white craft foam. cut it out and hot glue it to the top edge of the pot. Carefully take a skewer and poke it through the middle. It should come out the drain hole a little bit

Cut out two leaves from the craft foam and punch the skewer through the end of them. You can run a line of hot glue down the middle for more depth. Now paint it all green!

Making the Plant head

Cut a wedge in each of your styrofoam balls. this is the Piranha plants open mouth. I did this is a serrated kitchen knife, PLEASE BE CAREFUL! Then paint the outside red.


Cut out some small circles from the white craft foam. I then cut out some large circles for inside the mouth and two stripes for lips, and two slightly taller stripes with “teeth” cut into them. Glued the large circles into the mouth area and cut any excess. then hot glue the “teeth” on and the lip on top. Add your small circles around the red area then poke the ball onto the skewer.

Touch up any splotchy painted areas and sit back and admire your hard work!








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As a transplant to Ohio, Patricia is enjoying the calmer lifestyle to raise her family in. She has 4 beautiful children that keep her very busy, as does their 1980' home with all the updates it needs. When she has free time she enjoys painting, crafting, reading, writing, decorating and family fun.
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