Duct Tape Valentine’s Day Box and Crafts

This is the week for moms all over the country to get creative. It’s Valentine’s Day this Friday which means making a Valentine’s Day boxes for your kids’ school parties. You can make anything, including a Valentine’s Day school box with Duct Tape.


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Duct Tape Valentine’s Day Box

This year, we made Duct Tape Valentine’s Day boxes with duct tape. You won’t believe how easy it is to make a really fun Valentine’s Day box with Duct tape – I couldn’t! We used Scotch® Color & Pattern Duct Tape, they have many, many different styles for both girls and boys.

Duct Tape Valentine’s Day Box Supplies

  • Scotch Duct Tape – get a few of your favorite styles. We used 2 large rolls and 2 small
  • Scissors
  • Box for base
  • Stickers for decorating (optional)

For my daughter’s box, she chose Barbie, cupcake, and purple duct tape.
P1180552 cup tape

Duct Tape Valentine’s Day Box Instructions

Pick out the best shape box for your theme. My son used a cube shaped box for his Minecraft Valentine’s Day box and my daughter used a round for her box since we couldn’t find a heart! We went to our local craft store for pre-made boxes but you can use cereal boxes or other boxes you have.

Start taping! My daughter started at the middle and worked her way around the entire box. She is 7 and did it herself, because she is a big girl. After she taped the entire box,  we helped her cut a heart shape for the top. Then, we cut a slit at the top of the box for the Valentines to go in. At the bottom front of her box, we cut open a little door so that she could retrieve her Valentine’s at the end.

boxMy daughter’s duct tape Valentine’s Day box turned out really cute and she loves it.

You can even get creative in your home office with duct tape too.

Duct Tape is the one product that I really enjoy using while crafting – as I am not crafty by nature. With duct tape, you can make anything look cool, especially with the fantastic selection of colors, prints,sizes, and styles available now. My kids have made wallets and bags with duct tape as well as decorate their school folders with it as well.

Check out the Scotch Duct Tape gallery for great ideas like the below duct tape envelopes.


Do yourself a favor and pick up some Scotch Duct Tape for your kids’ Valentine’s Day boxes this week. In addition to Valentine’s Day boxes, pick up a few more rolls for other crafts too.

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