Easy DIY Name Wall Art for Kids

We have been working so hard on our kid’s bedrooms this summer and one thing I really wanted to do was put their names up on the wall. I would guess your kids are like mine and love to have things custom just to them. So here is a project that came be done in one day and won’t break the bank.


What to Buy

I am going to give you a kind of generic supply list because this will vary based on your child’s name and theme or room design. I bought my supplies at Jo-Ann’s but you can pick most of this up at any craft store and even maybe at Walmart. I go to Jo-ann’s because they always have lots of coupons and I get a 10% Military Discount (just show your dependent or active duty ID card at check out).

Supply list

  • Matte Modpodge
  • Foam brush
  • Cardboard or Wood letters spelling your child’s name
  • Craft paint in a color that will go well in their bedroom
  • about 1 yard of fabric
  • Scissors
  • a piece of chalk or another writing instrument that won’t show through your fabric.

Cutting Your Fabric

This is the most difficult part of making these letters. Place your fabric right side down and flip your letter over so it’s back is facing you.  Mark the back to make it easier. Then trace your letter onto the fabric. Do this with each letter, Be sure to keep in mind if your fabric has a pattern like mine that you may want to line up the letters on the fabric for what we call fussy cutting. ( So that a spefic part of the fabric shows on your letter, buy extra fabric to account for this!)

Paint Your Letters

My OCD requires that I do this once before attaching the fabric and once after.  I will show you why I opted to do this twice.  IF you are using cardboard letters, they will soak the craft paint up like a droughted plant. Don’t be afriad to use more than one coat.


Apply Your Fabric

This is easy.. I swear! Mod Podge the front side of your letter and lay the fabric over the top, If you apply a thicker coat you will have more time to fuss with the fabric to get it to lay right. I then smoothed any bumps with my fingers, as I did that I tucked the extra fabric over the edge, anytime there wasn’t enough mod podge to hold the fabric down I just added a little extra. For the inside of certain letters like A’s and O’s I used my scissors to cut the fabric in notches so it would lay flat.

Add More Mod Podge

Now I went to town adding a layer of mod podge over the top it gave my fabric a more finished look and made my letters feel more strudy. Let it dry! After all that hard work I realized my fabric would now show on the edges…. and that didn’t make me happy. So I painted the edges. this time I was very careful to make sure to not get paint on the front of my letters.

Let Dry and Hang!

Look at you! You’re a DIY pro now! Those letters look awesome! BUT how on earth do you hang them up? Well, you can rest them on a shelf or dresser. If you used wood letters you can put picture frame hangers on them. OR make it easy and use command Velcro Strips!  Just follow the directions and Bam, you’re done!

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As a transplant to Ohio, Patricia is enjoying the calmer lifestyle to raise her family in. She has 4 beautiful children that keep her very busy, as does their 1980' home with all the updates it needs. When she has free time she enjoys painting, crafting, reading, writing, decorating and family fun.
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