Father’s Day Activities in Akron Ohio

As you can imagine, we get a lot of hits on this website around Mother’s Day.  We’re waiting to see how things go on Father’s Day.  In preparation for the 1000s of moms trying to figure out what to do on Father’s Day with their man of the house, try out these activity ideas and gift ideas:

Father’s Day Ideas for the Sporty Dad

  • Take him to the batting cages, and make him swing at the fast balls to impress you
  • Visit Appalachian Outfitters outside of Hudson/Peninsula and have him try out rock climbing at Kendall Cliffs, or buy a kayak
  • Get him a gift card for a new golf club, AND a bucket of balls to try it out- make it the same day
  • Show him where to get a fishing license so he doesn’t have to think through ‘that detail’.  Add worms to the instructions:)
  • Visit the First Ladies’ Museum in Canton OH, Not

Father’s Day Ideas for the Nerdy Dad

  • Model Railroad Display (one day only!) at the Akron Zoo
  • Take him to Harbor Freight Tools and let him pick something out
  • Buy him a new keyboard for his computer and throw out that dirty one!
  • Rent some video games for him from Blockbuster- and play by his side
  • Play one of his old, overly complicated board games with him

Father’s Day Activities for the Workaholic Dad

  • Start the day off by locking up his iphone – and TURN OFF the volume (it will make him REALLY MAD, but it will set the tone of the day.
  • Give him a buffer from his inlaws.
  • Get a gift card to a garden center and make him pick out a plant- he might pick something that doesn’t fit your landscape, requires LOTS of attention, or is just plain silly, but its his.  Let him play nurturer.
  • Buy a hammock- and install it while he is out.

Father’s Day Activities for the Sensitive Dad

  • Go to the Zoo
  • Have him build a photobook on VistaPrint (or do it for him!)
  • Make him Breakfast to show you care
  • Have the kids make him cards for his office wall

Father’s Day Activities for the Fat Dad

  • Mens Health Screenings at the Akron Zoo – maybe he needs it!
  • Buy CHICKEN to cook on the grill- if you have a gas grill, buy wood smoke/chips- often sold at the Grocery store/(i.e. Giant Eagle)
  • Make HIM install that Hammock (see above)
  • Buy him an oversized shirt to make him comfortable

Father’s Day Activities for Old Dads

  • Men’s Health Screenings at the Akron Zoo
  • Take him to the Garden Center and load up a purchase for him
  • Don’t buy a hammock- you’d feel bad if he fell out
  • Buy him a BAT house- they sell them at Lowe’s this year (2010), only $22, and keep the mosquitos that he hates away!

Father’s Day Activities for Young Dads

  • Give him a day off from diaper duty

That’s my list for now… If you have something to add for a specific type of dad, please let us know in the comments below!

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2 thoughts on “Father’s Day Activities in Akron Ohio

  1. Alyssum says:

    Love these! My big idea: I’m sending him for a 1-hour lesson with a private golfing instructor. I hope he likes it!! (he better darnnit, lessons arent cheap!)

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