7 Fun & Cheap Date Ideas

With Valentine’s Day coming up, many of us with have special nights planned but it is important to set aside regular date nights with your spouse too. It is totally possible to have a fun date with your spouse for cheap! This is good news because dates are an important part of marriage, especially if you have little ones running around. I’m not saying you have to go cheap for Valentine’s Day but now is a great time to plan out your next date night while Valentine’s Day and romance is on all of our minds. With all of the family commitments, it can sometimes feel like you and your spouse are ships passing in the night. Dates are a time that you can come back together and enjoy each other’s company without all the distractions!

I don’t want the budget to keep you from going on dates! So, that’s why I’m here to share some fun and cheap date ideas!

7 Fun & Cheap Date Ideas

  1. Have a date-day instead of a date-night- Many things are cheaper during than the day than they are in the evening. If you are going out to eat, the lunch menus are typically cheaper than the dinner menus. Matinee movies are cheaper tha
    n evening movies. Finding childcare for a date-day can sometimes be a little easier because babysitters don’t have to worry about doing bedtime or anything like that!
  2. Have an at-home date- Setting aside a special night at home as an at-home date night can be special and affordable. By cooking and eating at home, you can often eat better and save 50% or more off what restaurants would cost for the same food. Enjoy a lobster dinner at home with one of these recipes for an extra special at-home date.  We recently ordered take-out and rented a movie for an at-home date that came in at just over $20. Such a great way to save money! fun cheap date ideas - at home date
  3. Eat some of the meal at home- If you are going out to eat, consider only eating the main course and coming home for dessert. Or to save even more money, eat dinner at home and only go out to eat for dessert.
  4. Enjoy nature- Getting outside, whether for a walk or a hike, is a great way to get your exercise in for the day while also spending some quality time together!
    Indigo Lake Cuyahoga Valley National Park Scenic Railroad
    National Park Scenic Railroad
  5. Take advantage of events happening in your town- We live near Medina and they have events on the square quite often, especially during the Summer. One of our dates this Summer was going to the Pizza-tasting event they had. It was a fun & cheap date!
  6. Pack a picnic- Pack a lunch and head to your favorite park. This is such a cheap date idea that can be so much fun. You could take games to play or just walk around and chat! We recently did this when we needed to teach a class at church but had some time in between worship and the class. We packed a lunch and headed to the park for a mid-day date!
  7. Play Tourist – Chances are, you might not even know everything that your town has to offer. There seems to be new businesses and shops opening all the time. Grab a coffee and walk -or drive- around your town and explore all that it has to offer.
  8. Play Together –  Another fun and cheap way to connect with your significant other on a home date night is to play a game of jigsaw puzzles together. I’m A Puzzle offers a large selection of free online puzzles.
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