Get Your PaddleWheel On ..One.. More.. Time!

DId you grow up listening to the corny jokes aboard the Paddle Wheel Excursion at Cedar Point?  The jokes made up in the 1960s, and memorized by, probably hundreds of paddle wheel boat captains and retold millions of times, are coming to an end!

Visit Cedar Point one last time before September 5th, when the island that the PaddleWheel Excursion ride circles is transformed into a brand new attraction at Cedar Point for 2012! (insert dinosaur ROAR here)

Enjoy one last relaxing voyage around the Cedar Point Lagoon in what always seemed to be surprisingly stable paddleboats.

I’m really glad I was able to share this ride with my kids- when you are able to connect a childhood memory with a duplicate childhood memory decades apart, its satisfying, you know?

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