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Christmas is the most precious time of the year. I love the family time we spend together and memories we make together as a family. Every home will have a Christmas tree, but the stories behind the tree are what makes each tree unique. Do you have an artificial tree? Let me encourage you to make the switch to a live tree this year from Heritage Christmas Tree Farm in Peninsula, Ohio.

A scenic drive through Peninsula and you’ll find this family-owned and operated since 1848 Christmas Tree Farm nestled in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park. This gorgeous farm has hundreds of trees to choose from of all sizes and kinds – cut your own or pre-cut. I recommend bundling up with your family to cut your own tree in Peninsula this Christmas. It has been quite a few years since my family cut our own Christmas tree down and I forgot how special it was when we did. My kids are 12 and 14, so making time for quality family time – without screens – is more important now than ever. Making fun memories together is priceless.

We walked through the Christmas Tree forest – with the Cuyahoga Valley National Park and Forest surrounding the farm – it’s gorgeous there, folks! We had fun checking out all the different types of trees, noting their differences. You can find Black Hills Spruce, Scotch Pine, White Pine, and Blue Spruce in their fields – in separate sections to really evaluate what you like.

Hundreds and hundreds of trees to choose from!  Honestly, we liked them all, for different reasons. I really like the unique Black Hills Spruce trees. My daughter thought for sure we should get the White Pine while my husband liked the gorgeous and regal Blue Spruce trees. They are all priced about the same, with easy-to-read tags on the trees, so there is no guessing! And, the prices are more affordable than where we went years ago!

I enjoyed seeing families like us shopping for their own trees. I like seeing how others were taking their time to find the best tree for their home with kids heavily involved in making the decisions – if not the decision makers! I also noticed a family of grown up ‘kids’ with their parents shopping for what I assume was their parents’ and their family Christmas tree. I loved this and hope that I can incorporate that into my parents Christmas traditions soon – it was such a sweet sight. I also enjoyed talking with a young couple looking for their first Christmas tree together. Awe, so sweet.Heritage Christmas Tree Farm in Peninsula definitely has the best selection of trees, including sizes. From small to extra large! My husband has an uncle that purchases a really tall tree every year, probably 10 feet or so, I think I found the best tree for him!

The one tree that we didn’t think we would choose was the White Pine, I don’t know why but it wasn’t our first choice in the beginning. However, once we reached the White Pine forest of trees, we were all hooked! The soft needles, perfect shapes, and beauty of the White Pine won all four of us over! It is funny how we all just knew the perfect tree for our home – this isn’t something you get with an artificial tree or even buying one at the local store. We searched, evaluated, and found what was best for us – with plenty of excitement, laughter, and joy along the way.

My son is a true outdoorsman with a love to nature, sharp tools, and a little hard work. He went right to work cutting down our tree with a hand saw. We all watched, held the tree, and helped but he did all the work. Now, if this is the first time you’ve thought about going to a cut your own Christmas tree farm in Ohio, let me rest assure you that it isn’t difficult at all. They provide you with a hand saw to cut the tree, the trunks aren’t hard to cut as they are not that large around, it takes just a few minutes.  They also provide a sled so you can easily transport the tree back to your car. Look at this sweet family and the Christmas tree. They had such a fun time finding a tree together and even found an old bird nest in the one they chose. The little girl and mom were so excited to find the old nest. This tree has provided shelter for birds and now memories, joy, and excitement for this family this Christmas season.

If you prefer not to cut your own tree but would like a fresh cut tree from the Peninsula farm or other Ohio farm, Heritage Farms has an enormous selection of freshly cut Christmas trees in Peninsula too. By the way, the trees at the retailers are no where near freshly cut so they won’t last as long or be as pretty looking in your living room – unless you like the look of fallen needles right away! In their  freshly cut section, choose from even more types of Christmas trees including Fraser Fir, Concolor Fir, Black Hills Spruce, White Pine, Scotch Pine and Blue Spruce.

Whether you cut your own or choose a freshly cut Christmas tree, the staff at Heritage Farms are super helpful, friendly, and make the experience even more enjoyable. We had so many people asking to help us from the moment we pulled into the parking lot. After we chose our tree, they put it on a machine to shake any dead needles off and then they wrapped the tree for us. They have such a system in place that it takes just a few minutes to do this.

From there, they will tie down your tree on your car for you. They make it so easy to take home your fresh Christmas tree – with very little work on your part.

Be sure to stop by the barn for fresh Christmas cookies and hot coca and check out their awe-inspiring giant fireplace! It’ll make you say, “WOW!” for sure! This fireplace was built with enormous stone from their own quarry years ago by Crazy Joe, an amazing Bath, Ohio stone mason. This is also a great place to take a family photo! The Greenery Shop is also located in the barn with fresh roping, wreathes, and swags to complete your Christmas decorating. They are gorgeous and priced really reasonably too.

My family had such a fun family outing at Heritage Farms Christmas Tree Farm in Peninsula. When we started to drive away, our station wagon reminded us of the Griswold Family station wagon from National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation and his attempt to bring home the perfect Christmas tree. Thankfully we had a more positive experience and outcome!!

As we drove through Peninsula, our kids asked if we could stop for lunch at the Winking Lizard. Being such a fun outing, we agreed.  What could be more iconic of Peninsula that a trip to Heritage Farms, lunch at the Winking Lizard (where my husband’s grandpa was quite good at their pig chasing competitions inside the restaurant on Saturday nights in the 40’s), and the Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad train driving by?! Perfect, perfect, perfect day! While we were driving through Peninsula and getting a parking spot, we had so many people looking at our car with the tree on top and smiling big smiles with lit-up eyes. I’m serious. Seeing the fresh cut tree brought joy to other people – everyone looked, pointed, and smiled.

We brought the tree home and started giving it the love and water it needed right away. :) We love how super soft the needles are and how amazing our home smells! Nothing, I mean nothing compares to the smell of a fresh cut tree in your home at Christmas and the beauty of this tree is remarkable. Now, when people come over, my kids tell them all about how we found the perfect tree together, how Elijah cut it town, and the fun outing we had. Fun together with family – while supporting a local Ohio business – that’s a pretty good combination if you ask me!

Heritage Christmas Tree Farm in Peninsula

Heritage Christmas Tree Farm in Peninsula is conveniently located just a short drive down Rt. 303 off Rt. 8/77 North or I-271 – easy to get to from Hudson/Stow/Cuyahoga Falls/Streetsboro/Aurora as well as Bath/Fairlawn/Akron/Copley/Norton.

Heritage Christmas Tree Farm in Peninsula Dates & Hours

Open November 23 thru 27 
Closed Thanksgiving Day
Open November 29 Until Sold Out

Our Daily Hours Are:
Friday, Saturday & Sunday:
9:00 am to 7:00 pm

Monday thru Thursday:
12:00 pm to 7:00 pm

Cut Your Own Fields close at 5:00 pm (Sunset)

Heritage Farms
6050 Riverview Rd
Peninsula, OH 44264
(330) 657-2330

6050 Riverview Road, Peninsula, Ohio

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