Clark Griswold Has NEW Christmas Gifts Up His Sleeve in 2011

Christmas Decorations bring eye candy and bode the spirit, and Christmas Movies can set the tone for the holidays.  One of the best Christmas Movies of the past quarter century has been National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation Starring Chevy Chase.

Twenty odd years since its release, the movie is still outlandish and speaks, occasionally, to our greatest fears in the holidays- relatives, finances, gifts, relatives, and oh ya, large hulking RVs in the front yard.  Brand new memorabilia from the film is coming this Christmas 2011- check it out!


Christmas Vacation Chattering Squirrel in Attack Position

Clark Griswold’s Christmas Tree had a surprise guest in it in the movie.  Not only did the squirrel chatter, but it went on the attack!  Hasten back the reality of that event and just ‘get by’ with this motion activated chattering squirrel developed in part by the Makers of the Christmas Story Leg Lamp.  The  Chattering Squirrel  is designed and sculpted by Mark Klaus.


Christmas Vacation Attackign Squirrel box
Christmas Vacation’s Attacking Squirrel


Christmas Vacation Snow Globe

I picked this below product because of its uniqueness- a snow globe- usually reserved for the most quaint scenes- is topped with Cousin Eddie’s RV.  Cousin Eddie played by Randy Quaid plays the lovable RV driving cousin in law in the movie National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.  Check out the Christmas Vacation Snow Globe  at

Christmas Vacation Snow Globe with RV top and Griswpld House inside
Christmas Vacation Snow Globe from

National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation Moose Mugs

The FreeMooseMugs store obviously started with… moose mugs! Christmas Vacation Moose Mugs from come in a variety of shapes and quantity packs- There are key chain moose mugs, shooter size moose mugs, and plenty of buy X get an extra one free offers. New this year is a Moose Mug Punch Bowl that is pictured below.

Griswold Family Heirloom
Christmas Vacation Moose Mug

Moose Mug Punch Bowl

The picture below does not do it justice, but the Moose Mug Punch Bowl is not only going to be your biggest topic of interest at your Christmas Party in 2011 through 2017, but a great addition to the hand crafted moose mugs.  The Moose Mug Punch Bowl allows people to gather together, and take part in something that’s very much related to the group- and when everyone can share a laugh together, that means your relatives aren’t staring down each other in the next room!  Check out this one of a kind Moose Mug Punch Bowl at Free Moose Mugs.

Moose Mug Punch Bowl
Oversized Moose Mug – Now a Punch Bowl with Removable Antlers

Griswold House with Christmas Lights

The VHS/DVD copy of the movie has as its cover Chevy Chase Plugging in some lights- that’s because the source of his Christmas pride is the megawatts of energy that pours out of every square foot of his house when lit up. Enjoy this table top version of the Griswold House with Christmas Lights from Christmas Vacation on your coffee table!

Griswold House Decoration
Christmas Vacation Griswold House Lights Up

Christmas Vacation Advent House

Honestly, the likes of this Advent House has nothing to do with the laughs and hysterics of the Christmas Vacation Movie- it is more of a contrast.  You see every morning inside the story line of the movie included the opening of one of the doors of a custom advent house.  The  Christmas Vacation Advent House brings that same, soft experience to life.  My husband had paper advent calendars growing up – but this one looks so much more special – and would definitely help with bolstering tradition in a house with children!

Christmas Vacation Advent House
The Griswold Family Christmas Vacation Advent House
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