Kids Give Toys to Kids in Need with CWIST

With all the emphasis on Black Friday and Cyber Week shopping, it is easy for kids (and adults) to get wrapped up into wanting everything for themselves this Christmas. Many of the values we’ve tried to instill in them about working hard for what you want may go out the window when they have parents, grandparents, aunts, and uncles buying, buying, buying gifts galore for them.

I’m all into spoiling my kids and giving them a wonderful Christmas, but I want them to be thankful and I want them to care about the less fortunate. Not only do I want them to know and care about the less fortunate but I want them to have a heart of giving.

I received compensation from CWIST to facilitate this post.

Kids Give Toys to Kids in Need with CWIST

This Christmas, CWIST is offering your child the opportunity to work toward the goal of helping a child in need with their Kids CWIST for Kids program. Let your child choose a learning challenge on the CWIST website or create their own. There are fun, age-appropriate educational games, math challenges, crafts, sight-word and reading challenges, games, nature projects, and so much more that kids can work toward accomplishing.


Once they complete their goal, they can donate a toy for a child in need. CWIST is donating the first $2,000 worth of toys earned through this program, so start now and there is no cost out of your pocket!

CWIST is fun. We started doing challenges as a family last year. Participating is as easy as 1, 2, 3, 4.


Sit down with your child and go to the CWIST website. Choose a child to help, you can choose a b0y or girl. We will chose both a boy and a girl that are my kids’ ages.

Choose a CWIST learning challenge to your child. Don’t make this seem like a chore for your kids. They are really exciting and fun activities. You can choose the age range, type of project, and whether it is to be completed alone or with a parent’s help.


Next, choose the WISH that your child is working toward fulfilling for the child in need.


cwist-1This is what a CWIST looks like. We might update it since I actually picked this out for my daughter. We will be doing the Gratitude Tree project to earn a Goldie Blox zip lining doll kit for a girl that likes dolls that is 7 years old.

Remember, CWIST is donating the first $2,000 worth of toys, so you don’t have to pay a dime. Even after the first $2,000 is earned, they are giving you a discount of 20% off to purchase a gift for a child in need.

I checked out the kid charities that CWIST is sending the toys to and they are very deserving. They are for either kids that are homeless or in need of emergency temporary housing. I can’t even imagine facing these devastating circumstances, especially with kids at Christmas.

You will be surprised at how quickly your child will jump at the chance to earn their goal in order to help another child in need.

Kids are wonderful.

They want to help.

They want to give.

Give them the opportunity with CWIST. The Kids CWIST for Kids program molds kids in a way that they will grow up with a heart of gratitude and giving.

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