A Real Live Christmas Tree Akron Guide- Thanks Fans!

Like most of you, I have spent my adult life and much of my childhood with an artificial Christmas Tree.  This leaves my family in a position of being clueless when it comes to the process of buying and putting up a real tree- Which has been the subject of excitement in our house this week.

Yesterday I posted a request for answers regarding what it takes to bring home a evergreen tree for Christmas.  I received tons of comments from moms sharing this knowledge that has somehow been lost to my house.  Thank you all!!

I asked questions like

  • How early can you buy one?
  • How much do you have to water?
  • What size should I get?
  • Where can I buy one in greater Akron area?
  • How much do they cost?

Here are the responses- are they worth while?  Do you have something better to say? Do Comment! Here or on the original Facebook Post.

Christmas Tree Shopping Suggestions near Akron

akronctreeAlyson suggest going to the Galehouse tree farm in Doylestown- a family tradition for her.  Pre-cut trees and a cut your own field is available.  They have a wonderful shop with hot cocoa, hot cider, and coffee, all served around a wood burning fireplace.  She suggests getting there the first weekend in December.  Alyson is seconded by Ann Marie – her kids love being there with the live reindeer!

Jennifer K. says she switched back to live trees 7 years ago.  They visit Shawnee Trail tree farm on Terex Road in Hudson.  Along side the trees, gorgeous wreaths are made from the extra branches that don’t make ‘the cut’.

Liz S. loves the Heritage Tree Farm in Peninsula.  “The Best Tree Farm in the area”.  Christmas Cookies and hot chocolate are served in a big old barn used to warm up cold fingers and toes.  Trees can run $50- $70 and recommends going the SECOND week of December.  Heritage is seconded by Alyssa T.

Kelly E. suggests a trip down to the Pine Tree Barn.  The cut your own experience is great for the family. Marcus K. also suggests the Pine Tree Barn Tree Farm in Wooster.  He usually purchases his a full month before Christmas.  He suggests cutting your own because they last longer.

Graf Growers in Copley was also suggested by Kelly for pre-cut trees.

Christy C. suggests the Medina Christmas Tree Farm as a family affair as well.

The Live Tree Purchase Experience

Sarah suggests purchasing a Tree Bag with your purchase- setting it under the tree before setup allows it to be bagged up from the bottom up saving all sorts of needle problems.

Sarah I. says that most cut your own places provide saws and can shake and bind your tree for the trip home.  Although she loves it best at Shawnee Trail in Hudson.

Liz also suggests bringing a camera to photograph the experience if you visit a cut-your-own location.

Katie suggests purchasing a Douglas Fir- her family favorite.  However Christy suggests a Frasier Fir.

Jenny suggests having the tree up inside your home for only 3 weeks- as a tree mold can bloom in that amount of time.  She suggests the hour drive to the Pine Tree Barn in Wooster as well.

Live Tree Setup at Home

Katie L. knows that there are plenty of options around town for purchasing your own.  Regardless she suggests bringing the tree home and letting it sit unwrapped outside for a few days in a bucket of water.  This allows the branches to drop a bit for easier decorating.

Cat Davis, our commenter from Chicago and a great blogger, suggests waiting till mid-December to stave off the trees drying out and becoming a fire hazard.

A Little Research of our own

I found a great number of sites that offer all sorts of tips- here are the most important

  • If your tree was cut from the trunk more than 6 hour before you stick it in water at home- RECUT the bottom- it cuts off the dead cells that do not absorb water.
  • Have your tree Shaken at the farm or shop this removes all of the dead needles and makes for a MUCH better experience
  • Have your tree BAILED at the farm- by bailing, you remove DRYING action that takes place while your car drives down a highway for 30 miles on the way home-
  • Keep your tree stand watered!
  • Place the tree AWAY from Forced Air Vents- no need to blow your tree with hot, dry air.

Medina, OH 44256

Cuyahoga Valley National Park, Peninsula, OH 44264

Doylestown, OH 44230

Hudson, OH 44236

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