Pick Your Own Apples in Rittman + Apple Festival at Bauman Orchards

In my family, Fall means pick your own apples season. Going apple-picking together is something that we have done for years and it is so much fun. Now that we have a daughter, I love getting to share the experience with her as well. Although, she is only mostly there for eating the apples and donuts, but let’s be honest… aren’t we all?

We always plan our apple-picking date by when Bauman Orchards is having their Apple Festival because then you not only get to pick your own apples but you also get to partake in all the activities they have going on. We went last Saturday and had a blast. If you didn’t make it out last weekend, don’t worry because their festival continues from 8am – 5pm this coming Saturday (9/29/18) and the following Saturday (10/6/18) as well.

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Pick your own apples at Bauman Orchards Apple Festival

Of course, the main attraction at the Bauman Orchards Apple Festival is picking your own apples. You get a bag, grab a wagon, and head back to the beautiful apple trees to pick your own apples. They provide a list of what is ripe and ready to be picked as well as a map of the location. You can walk back to the orchard or you can hop on the wagon for a hayride back to the orchard.

The proper way to pick your own apples

Did you know that there is a proper way to pick your own apples? I had no clue but quickly learned when we went one time and I picked an apple and then had a bunch of perfectly good apples come tumbling down… on my head! That was not fun! And I was sad that I just wasted all those apples that were now bruised!+

The picture below explains the proper way and Bauman Orchards even has a video demonstrating this on their Facebook Page.

Other activities at the Apple Festival

Aside from picking your own apples, there are many other activities to do at their Apple Festival, especially for the kiddos. They have a nice playground area that is always a hit for our daughter. Next to the playground, Just Horsin’ Around is set up for pony rides for the kids.

There is also live music, a hay maze, a petting zoo, and a booth set up for glitter tattoos. My daughter was literally on overload from all the fun. We got there early and left by noon and she was already ready for a nap and could barely keep her eyes open on the way home!

The petting zoo and hay maze are in a building in the back (near the orchard) and is definitely a hit with the kids!

Lunch and Dessert at the Rittman Apple Festival

After we went apple-picking and enjoyed the other activities that the festival had to offer, we were hungry so we were glad to see that they had lunch and dessert options available to purchase for very reasonable prices. $1 hot dogs and $0.50 for a cup of cider makes for a very inexpensive lunch!

If you ask our family, the best part of any meal is when you get to have dessert. Especially when they are warm, freshly made cider donuts. They are delicious and you can buy them individually for $0.75 each of $8 for a dozen.

The donuts are also delicious with a homemade latte after you get home. 😉

The Bauman Orchards Market

When you go inside to pay for the apples that you picked, you will see that it is a cute little market with many items available to purchase. They have apples and other fruits, vegetables, dried fruits and nuts, candy, baked goods, honey, apple cider & more. Many of these items are produced locally, either from Bauman Orchards or other companies in the area.

There is no entrance fee for the festival, you just pay for the activities separately but they are all inexpensively priced. As I mentioned, Bauman Orchards’ Apple Festival continues next Saturday (9/29/18) and the following Saturday (10/6/18). Their pick your own apples continues Monday through Saturday through October 13th. Be sure to check their website or Facebook page for updates as well.

Happy Fall and Happy Apple-Picking!

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