St. Nicholas Day 2013 – Tomorrow December 6th!

St. Nicholas Day Preparations!  Have you bought some extra candy?  Have you purchased a pickle?  What about nuts, citrus, etc?  Because TODAY is the day to do that!

St Nicholas Day is what day?

It is tomorrow, December 6, 2013. In fact, every year it is the same. -to celebrate the birthday of the famed St Nicholas.

So, who is St Nicholas Anyway?

St. Nicholas enjoyed secret gift giving and is said to have miracles performed through his works.  He is well known for supplying a marriage dowry for poor women /girls by throwing bags of gold coins through windows.  Not only did this method save young women from the horrors of potential prostitution, but made getting married so so much easier.

St. Nicholas was the Bishop of Myra (now an area of modern day Turkey) and lived during the third and fourth Christian Centuries.  He has been named a Saint and is considered the patron saint of many sailors, fishermen, those who are falsely accused, pawnbrokers, and even thieves.  Honestly I am not sure how that works, but I thought it worth mentioning.

Besides also being a defender of the faith in other aspects of his life, he is magical to children and leaves gifts either on St Nicholas Day or Christmas Day (before Dawn, either way folks).

What is St Nicholas Day?

St Nicholas Day is celebrated in the USA in cities with strong German influences such as Cleveland, St. Louis, Milwaukee, Louisville, and Cincinnati. On the morning of December 6th, kids can find cookies, candy, fruits, nuts, and small toys or books in their hung stockings.

.How to Celebrate St Nicholas Day 2012

How to Celebrate St Nicholas Day 2012
How to Celebrate St Nicholas Day 2013

Do you celebrate St. Nicholas Day?

So, tonight, Thursday, December 5, 2013 is the eve of St Nicholas Day. I’ve already been to Mr. Bulky’s in Cuyahoga Falls this year (I love spending just enough there to make it FUN!!!!)    Are you joining in this year?

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