Staying Safe, Having Fun for Valentine’s with SafetyTat

Does your family do a lot of traveling? Do you have a child with a life threatening allergy or medical condition? Or maybe like me you have a child who likes to wander, and possibly like many children yours have a hard time with new transitions? I found a new way to help all of these situations with SafetyTat. Write on SafetyTatsI received product to facilitate this post.

Staying Safe with SafetyTat

While neither of my children have major medical conditions, Kelton does had ADHD and tends to wander off when distracted and it scares me! Thankfully it doesn’t happen often but my worst fear is it happening in a crowded place ( Cedar Point, the Fair, etc.). With SafetyTat I can put a tattoo on him and write my phone number on it so if we get separated someone can help reconnect us. We have several friends who have young children with major allergies and I know SafetyTats would give them added peace of mind for things like school field trips, sleepovers and more. I see the added benefit being that if the child ingests or is exposed to something they are allergic to the other parents can easily tell  medical crews so they would know how to quickly and properly treat!

Alert SafetyTats

SafetyTat Fun For Valentine’s Day

SafetyTat has these adorable tattoos made just for Valentine’s Day. Kelton’s class has lots of food allegies and we parents have agreed for the last two years not to include food products in the children’s Valentines. This makes us think outside the box. 🙂 When I saw SafetyTat’s Valentine’s tattoos, I showed Kelton and we agreed they would be the perfect little gift for his classmates. I should have been smart about it and downloaded a printable from pinterest to use, so if you do this in the future know that there are some cool “Stuck On You” printables out there.

Valentine's Tats


When Kelton was young he would cry almost everyday that he had to be away from me. It broke my heart that there didn’t seem to be anything that I could do to help him. Kiernan is doing something very similar these days and even going to Grandma and Grandpa’s overnight is hard. With TatKisses I now have a way he can know that I am thinking of him even when he can’t see me. Kelton has a hard time on Monday’s at school so I put a Tat Kiss on his hand and he knew all day when he saw it that I was thinking of him! It really helped him though his rough transition day.

Kiernan loved kissing his KissesTat.
Kiernan loved kissing his KissesTat.

Buying SafetyTats

The Valentine Tats come in a pack of 15 for $8.99 and The TatKisses are a pack of 18 for $9.99. Many of the tats can be customized for your family. If you are looking for a way to have fun while keeping your children safe check out SafetyTat.

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