My Top 10 Geeky Mother’s Day Gifts

As a geeky mom myself I thought maybe I would put my top geeky mom gifts. These are all gifts I would love to have. They would show my true colors.:) Think Geek is one of my favorite places to shop. I also love getting gifts ordered from them. No matter what your geeky mom is interested in you will find something she loves at Think Geek. These are my favorites in no specific order.


1. Weighted Companion Cube Plushy from Portal.This is one of my favorite games. The cake is a lie.Portal Companion Cube

2. Are you a Whovian?  Check out this coffee mug and start all of Mom’s mornings Whovian style.Doctor who travel mug

3. This is a super funny nerd gift, Who doesn’t need plush unicorn bouquet? Good news, They will last a lot longer then flowers!


4. I am a huge Hunger games fan and this would be a great ring for the summer! Hunger Games

5. Every Mom dreams of being Wonder Woman now she can be every day with her very own Wonder Woman robe!Wonder Woman Robe

6. Who doesn’t love R2D2? Star Wars is a family Classic, Mom will rock it in this tank.

r2d2 tank

7. Got a Treky for a Mom? How about this awesome night shirt?Star Trek sleep shirt

8. Maybe your mom is a Mathmatics geek? Or a math teacher? Who wold love to have PI, the golden ratio or infinity scarf for mother’s day.

Pi scarf

9. I am also a big Harry Potter Fan. I love watching it with my family. Sometimes I wish I had more time on my hands. Hermione mastered that skill with the help of the time turner, I envy her.  I can have a time turner of my own too! (to bad it won’t work.)

hermiones time turner

10. Of all the TV shows I have seen Firefly is by far my top pick. I would love to have a parasol just like Kaylee’s.Kaylee's parasol


This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.

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