Top 10 Scary Halloween Cakes for CubScouts

Part of Cub Scot lore is that of mom’s creating Scary Cakes for the aptly named Scary Cake contest every October.  I took some pictures of my masterpiece Cub Scouts Archery Cake (I won! But there were bribes…) as well as many of the other cakes in the competition.


I got the cub scout colored candies at Jo Anne Fabrics.


The cut scout belt used on this cake was NEVER BEFORE USED… So, a perfect prop!


The arrow was made from a xylophone club and colorful, decorative duct tape.


Grave Yards are popular for scary cakes.


A skull Cake mold used to make a scary cake face- and a little powdered sugar goes a long way!


Witch Finger Props from the Costume shop go a long way to transform this ‘disaster cake’.


Oozy Brains- I think this looks awesome- and the baker found the perfect consistency for her brain lobe frosting!


Grave Yards Grave Yards!


DoughBalls?  Cake Pops?  Candy?  We’ll never know … will we….


Witch Finger Cookies matched with a jello mold- I’ve seen stranger!


Size Matters.


Easy Minions for a scary cake bake contest- Go Twinkies!  Glad they’re back in the stores.



Candy Candy!


Sit back, lay down, relax…


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