What My Kids Want for Christmas -7 year old Boy, 5 year old Girl

Every week this month, the Toys R Us, and Target Ads come in the Sunday Paper.  Every week our kids open them and start circling in Pink and Blue Highlighters What they Want for Christmas.  I’m surprised at what they circle, and what they don’t circle.  What’s worse is it changes week to week!

The Toy Store Visit

Two days ago we took a time honored trip to the toy store on a late evening when no one was there.  Each child (7 Year Old Boy, 5 Year Old Girl)  goes through the store, and sees what is available.  Camera in hand, we snap photos of everything that they like- and often, try to snap a picture of the price tag at the same time.

Managing the Wish List for Santas in Law and Ourselves

Usually, scraps of paper have worked for us in the past.  But its getting complicated- whats the point of having photos if we don’t do more with it?  Lots of toys look the same (after a while they all do) and it gets confusing.  This year we’ve adopted the use of an AMAZON Wish list.


Managing what 7 Year Old and 5 Year Old Want for Christmas

See what my kids want for Chirstmas by Clicking Here.

Elijah and Elizabeth are 7 years old, and 5 years old, respectively.

The Amazon Wish List allows you to put all of your ‘desired’ products into one bin.  Amazon.com sells everything, or, if they don’t they might have a partner that sells through Amazon- so there is a wide variety of products, and nearly every single toy that you can find at Toys ‘R Us.

Products can be sorted by Price, have comments and quantities added to them- and you can even create as many lists as you like.  For me, because we’re “Boy Girl” only, its mostly easy to tell which item might be for each- and one link is easier for Grandma than two…

Using the Amazon Wish List System is Wonderful!
There are 77 items on this list... They are NOT getting close to half!

Amazon also has a plugin for the FireFox and for the Chrome Browsers- that let you add ANY item from ANY online store to one of your Wish Lists.  This made it incredibly simple to add items that were exclusive to ToysRUs to our ONE Amazon Wish List.  I HOPE this is a time saver- its our first year with this.

Have you used an online Gift Registry for Christmas before?


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