Why Can’t Akron Say Christmas?????

As the Christmas Season is warming up, I’ve received a number of invitations from various Akron institutions to take part in Galas, show previews, tree lightnings, tree shows, etc…  I received one last night that has me wound up and going this morning!

Amidst all of the invitations, no one can manage to say the dreaded C-word.  Yes, Christmas!  I’ve even been snarky about it in my responses to some of these big places who overuse the term HOLIDAY, i.e. “is holiday code for something?” It might not be the professional response, however I am not in it for the profession, but in it for Christmas.

When you start tearing down what is obviously near and dear to whatever outrageously large percentage of the United States!  So what if your event has been named’ holiday’ for 30 years.. it doesn’t change the fact that its wrong!

This is not a new argument at all of course, and this argument is not meant to denigrate those that celebrate Hanukkah by any means.  If an event is specifically and without-a-doubt about Christmas, why can’t we just call is what it is? Christmas, last I checked, is an official government Christmas holiday, and celebrated by quite a few people, around the world.  Why can’t Akron say Christmas?

I vow to say “Christmas” with every post having ANYTHING to do with Christmas from now till Christmas.  Trying to be clear about this Christmas thing. :)

I will be promoting and mentioning these various ambiguous ‘holiday’ events throughout the upcoming season, but I will be renaming each of them as I see fit.  I’ll be using up EVERY POSSIBLE name for Christmas into every title that I know!  Will I make Christmas time enemies in Marketing and PR departments around town?  To that I say, LOL…

Want to help Akron say Christmas?

With every event that I post, I’ll be including links to facebook pages…. Please do post notes to the various organizations saying that you’ll attend if they change the name to include the word Christmas!  It’s all about squeaking wheels out there, and making our December more Christmasy!!


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