How to Celebrate St Nicholas Day 2012

st nicholas day 2012

Are you ready for St Nicholas Day 2012? Do you know when is St Nicholas Day?

When is St Nicholas Day?

It is tomorrow, December 6, 2012.  In fact, it is always December 6th to celebrate the birthday of St Nicholas.

Who is St Nicholas?

St Nicholas is Patron Saint of sailors, fishermen, the falsely accused, pawnbrokers, thieves and a number of cities. St Nicholas is known as Nikolaos the Wonderworker, Santa Claus, Father Christmas, and Sinterklaas. He was the Bishop of Myra and lived December 6, 270 – 326.

He enjoyed secret gift-giving and even performed miracles.  He is well-known for doing good deeds like throwing bags of gold coins through the windows for the daughters who didn’t have a dowry. This was very important during his time, if a girl didn’t have a dowry, she couldn’t marry and may be forced into prostitution.  St Nicholas was a Defender of Orthodoxy as Christians were under persecution of the church, he worked to defend many.

To kids, he is the magical and leaves gifts for them on either on St Nicholas Day or Christmas. In honor of the good deeds and works of St Nicholas, he continues to leave candy, treats, and small gifts to kids world-wide on St. Nicholas Day.

What is St Nicholas Day?

St Nicholas Day started in Europe where kids left their shoes outside their bedroom doors on  St. Nicholas Day Eve. Now, St Nicholas Day is celebrated in the USA in cities with strong German influences such as Cleveland, Cincinnati, Milwaukee, Louisville, and St. Louis.

On St Nicholas Day morning, kids receive candy, cookies, apples, and nuts. Kids may also find small toys, trinkets, books, or even new winter PJs. As a child, my husband received tangerines, trinkets, candy and nuts, not in his shoes but in a Christmas stocking.

We hang our kids’ stocking on the mantel on St Nicholas Day Eve.  Check out their treats from last year!

How to Celebrate St Nicholas Day 2012
How to Celebrate St Nicholas Day 2012
How to Celebrate St Nicholas Day 2012
How to Celebrate St Nicholas Day 2012

Do you celebrate St. Nicholas Day?

So, tonight, Wednesday, December 5, 2012  is St Nicholas Day Eve. I am carrying on some of my husband’s family traditions of nuts (in the shell), special fruit, candy from Mr. Bulky’s and trinkets from Party City.

How do you celebrate St. Nicholas Day? Comment below.

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