How to Plan a Stress Free Kids Birthday Party

If you’re getting ready to begin planning your child’s next birthday party, you’re probably feeling a mix of emotions that mostly involve some sort of stress. There is the stress that comes with preparing to entertain a horde of kids for an entire afternoon (or if you’re really sadistic, you’re having a slumber party). There is the stress that comes from figuring out the guest list and sending out the invitations. And, of course, there is the stress that comes from feeling pressure to put on the perfect birthday celebration for your child. If you’re looking to lose the birthday stress but still put on a great event your child will never forget, here are a few tips.

Guest List

Keep the guest list short and sweet. You’ll find that cutting down on the number of guests dramatically reduces the stress level (and the bill). Your child will probably have just as much fun with 6 of their closest friends as they would have had if the entire 4th grade class was invited.

Choose a Theme

Choosing to throw a themed birthday party can take a lot of guess work out of the planning process. A pirate-themed party could be a hit if your little one is into adventures. Encourage dads to join the fun by donning men’s pirate costumes, making the celebration memorable for everyone involved.  If your child loves video games, decorate the house with Mario Bros party supplies and put a couple of video games on for the kids to play. If your child is a sport fanatic, set up a few games the kids can play and have each guest come dressed as their favorite athlete.

Short and Sweet

There is no rule that says you must entertain the kids all day. Make it clear on the invitation that the party only lasts a few hours. That way you can spend time entertaining the kiddos and still have time at the end of the day to clean up and unwind.

Birthday Party Menu

The great thing about throwing parties for kids, is that their taste buds haven’t exactly become sophisticated yet. You’ll be able to get by with pizza and soda, or if you’re trying to keep it healthier, sandwiches and juice. As for the cake, you can take a few minutes to prepare a delicious cake straight from the box, or put in an order for a custom cake at a grocery store or bakery.

Lisa is a guest blogger who writes about party planning with tools like Super Mario Bros party supplies.

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