Is Disney on Ice Princess Wishes worth it? Check out my full review

picture of Disney on Ice Princess Wishes Finale

The magical evening began with Mickey and Minnie Mouse talking to the audience about wishes and how some wishes really do come true. Tinkerbell  used her magic wand full of flowing pixie dust to take us from story to story throughout the evening with the wit and charm that only Tinkerbell posses. She was a delight to follow and one of my daughter’s favorites of all time!

Each princess had a wish and each was portrayed through story telling on ice, right from the beginning of each fairy tale. I loved that you could follow along even if you didn’t know the story. We watch Disney movies, however, my daughter hasn’t seen every princess movie yet and still had a super time this evening. This production does a very good job at incorporating the original story, highlighting the princess’ dilemma. Then, after intermission, each princess’ wish comes true. The use of original music from each movie really set the mood for each story line. There is not a bad seat in the house at Covellie Center. Since it is a smaller venue, you can really see the stage and performance from any area. The audio at Covellie Center was pretty good too.

The Little Mermaid

The Princess Wishes began with Prince Eric on his ship with his shipmates. The crew was having fun as only shipmates (and pirates) at sea can have with daredevil antics and stunts! I was surprised at the fancy skating, flips, and lots of people being catapulted up into the air. Below, the 2 men are about to jump on the catapult to skyrocket the other shipmate up into the air to land in the chair above – flawlessly!

picture of Prince Eric's Ship Crew
Prince Eric’s Ship Crew

The audience erupted when Ariel game onto the ice. A favorite for many, including our group. The whole stage transformed into an under-the-sea adventure with stage props and fish and under-the-sea life skating all around. The costumes for this scene were amazing with vivid colors, designs, and styles. This was our favorite scene for creativity. All of the Little Mermaid characters were there including Ariel, King Triton, King Triton’s seven daughters, Flounder, Sebastian, Eric, and many other sea life. The favorite “Part of Your World” song was played.

picture of Under the Sea with Ariel & characters
Under the Sea with Ariel & characters


Aladdin and his pet monkey Abu get into mischief in the marketplace at the beginning of this scene. This was an action packed scene with lots of running around and sword fighting. Jasmine enters the marketplace in disguise, then reveals herself after the street-rat Aladdin gets captured. Later, the Genie comes out of his bottle with all the character and attitude you’d expect from the movie. He’s a lively blue character that was fun to watch! The scene goes on to Aladdin transforming into Prince Ali , eventually granting all 3 wishes. Lots of action with Aladdin, unfortunately, I was unable to capture good photos.


I’ve never seen Mulan before but after watching the performance tonight, I’m going to find a copy pronto. It seems like a very empowering Disney movie.  There was playful  martial arts thrown into the ice skating as the girls asked Fa Mulan to teach them her skills.

Sleeping Beauty

Maleficent shows her ugly face in the Sleeping Beauty scenes. She put Princess Aurora into the  deep ageless sleep and trapped Prince Phillip in chains. The fairies free Prince Phillip and give him the magical Sword of Truth and The Shield of Virtue. Prince Phillip used these magical items to fight Maleficent’s minions. The most impressive scene of the night was when Maleficent became a gigantic fire-breathing dragon that Prince Phillip had to slay. The dragon was larger than life and breathed a large ring of fire on the ice! After conquering the dragon, Prince Phillip rescued Princess Aurora from her sleep with a magical kiss. This was an action packed scene! How I wish my photos turned out better, maybe you can make out the dragon on the right and Sleeping Beauty in the tower?

picture of Prince Phillip fighting Maleficent the Dragon
Prince Phillip fighting Maleficent the Dragon

Beauty and the Beast

Our favorite scene from the Beauty and the Beast scene was when Lumiere invites Belle to “Be our Guest” with a full song and dance with the serving ware. Very creative costumes!

picture of Belle with Lumiere
Belle with Lumiere

Snow White

Snow White included the adorable and lovable 7 dwarfs. They were just as comical as the movie.

picture of Snow White's 7 Dwarfs
Snow White’s 7 Dwarfs


The Cinderella scene starts at the Royal Ball. Prince Charming tries to dance with the ladies while Drizella and Anastasia try to capture his attention through their clumsy and comical behavior. The sisters were borderline clowns during this scene!  Then came the arrival of Cinderella. This is when the magic came on for my daughter! She yelled “Cinderella!’ with a huge smile! It was the most magical part of the evening when she arrived in her beautiful carriage. The picture doesn’t do it justice at all.

picture of Cinderella and Prince Charming
Cinderella and Prince Charming

Disney on Ice Princess Wishes Finale

The Disney on Ice Princess Wishes Finale was fabulous! All of the princesses and princes came on stage along with Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse for the finale. It was an amazing performance with the happy couples parading around the ice in their fancy attire. Below is a shot with just the princesses – the stars of the show!

picture of Disney Princesses on Ice
Disney Princesses on Ice

The grand finale included fireworks from Cinderella’s carriage! The girls were so surprised with their big eyes taking it all in!

picture of Disney on Ice Princess Wishes Finale
Disney on Ice Princess Wishes Finale

Our Fun at Princess Wishes

This wouldn’t be a “mommy blog” if I didn’t include some pictures of my kids and our experience at the event.

The girls wanted the adorable princess snow cones cups and who wouldn’t? They are adorable and something we can use at home over and over and over and over again – I’m sure it will be a favorite for a LONG time! Plus, free refills on the snow cones!

picture of Princess Icee Cups
Princess Snow Cone Cups

A show just isn’t a show without popcorn! Here’s my daughter keeping a close eye on the show while enjoying her beloved popcorn. 🙂

picture of Enjoying the show with Disney Popcorn
Enjoying the show with Disney Popcorn

Here’s a picture of me with 2 REAL princesses. Elizabeth & Eva decided to wear their princess clothes to the show. Aren’t they adorable?! Maybe about a fourth of the girls were princess attire.

picture of Just the girls at Princess Wishes
Just the girls at Princess Wishes

Is Disney on Ice Princess Wishes worth it?

Every magical second spent at Disney on Ice Princess Wishes was worth it and more. At just $11 a ticket with the Coupon Code, you cannot beat this kind of memory-making entertainment! With no reservations, I recommend attending Disney on Ice Princess Wishes with your little girls (and even boys as the fighting scenes were fantastic!) this weekend. At such affordable prices, make it even more special by allowing your child to invite a friend. My daughter invited her friend from preschool and they had a wonderful time together!

Buy Disney on Ice Princess Wishes Tickets with Coupon Code

Begin Christmas break with a magical experience! You can purchase tickets for just $11 each! Purchase tickets on Ticketmaster for Youngstown Show under the $26.55 and $20.40 price levels, enter the Disney on Ice Coupon Code MOM2 in the  Advance or Promotion Ticket Selection Box and enter quantity. When you click on ‘Price Details’ on the Shipping page, you can see the $11 MOM ticket outlined.

Disney on Ice Coupon Code: MOM2

Discount: Flat $11 ticket on all performances

Restrictions: Not valid on Front Row or VIP seats; no double discounts; limit 4 per order

LINK to purchase tickets:

Performance Schedule:

Friday, December 17 at 7pm
Saturday, December 18 at 11am, 3pm and 7pm
Sunday, December 19 at 1pm and 5pm

Parking is just $10.

Covelli Centre
229 East Front Street
Youngstown, OH 44503
(330) 746-5600

My advice is to arrive early so you don’t miss anything. We arrived 15 minutes early and by the time we got parked and in the building, we didn’t have a moment to spare.

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4 thoughts on “Is Disney on Ice Princess Wishes worth it? Check out my full review

  1. Mary says:

    Thank you for the promo code – we would not have gone otherwise. My kids loved the show, esp. my 4 year old who danced and sang throughout the whole night. (They were very familiar with the songs, as we have a Disney Princess CD that they listen to all of the time.) The venue was less than half full, and our seats were great. The only negative thing was that I had a hard time finding my way back to the highway, as it was dark and the street signs were not very well lit at all.

    Thanks Again!

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