Cherished Traditions, Christmas Lights: Our Return to Stan Hywet Deck the Hall 2023


We are now full in on the holiday season, and what’s the holiday season without family traditions? My family’s favorite Christmas tradition is attending Stan Hywet’s DECK THE HALL. It’s something we’ve been doing for over a decade, and no matter how old the kids get, it never loses its charm. This year’s trip, just like the others, was filled with the familiar excitement, but with a twist – I got to share it with my parents.


Under the Stars: A Million Little Lights

The highlight of DECK THE HALL? The Christmas lights! Walking through those 1.2 million twinkling lights never gets old.

My parents were in awe, just as I know my teens will when we go back next week, we are wide-eyed every time. And that gigantic Christmas tree in the Carriage House Courtyard? It still manages to impress us every year. It’s like stepping into a glittering dream, the kind you don’t want to wake up from. The courtyard is home to Santa too, so don’t forget to bring your camera!

Coupled with fresh, warm gingerbread cookies and hot cocoa while standing around the fire pit permanently marks this Christmas tradition in our hearts forever.

Manor House Magic: A Grown-Up’s View

Touring the Manor House is always a highlight and something we look forward to every year. Each year, there is a new theme and we can’t wait to experience it.


With 26 beautifully decorated Christmas trees, the Manor House at Stan Hywet stood as a testament to the enduring charm of Christmas attractions in Ohio. These rooms, each with their unique decorations, hold a special place in our hearts, echoing the laughter and joy of our family’s past visits.

We like to recall what was in the rooms years past and what we like the most about this year’s. We pick favorites and talk about friends and family who would like one over another or who should have that tree in their home!

Exploring the Manor House, we were delighted by the various Santas and even Mrs. Claus, each one uniquely adorned and placed throughout the rooms.

This whimsical touch truly brought to life F.A. Seiberling’s sentiment, “Christmas is distinctly a children’s day and I discover that the older we get the less it means to us unless we have the children about us.”

Seeing these familiar figures, we felt the spirit of the quote resonate around us, reminding us of the joy and wonder that Christmas holds, especially through the eyes of children and the child within us all. The “Reindeer Flight Academy” was so adorable, it looked like Santa’s reindeer were resting up before the big night.

DAZZLE: A Show That Never Grows Old

DAZZLE was, as always, a show-stopper. The light show in the Great Garden, perfectly timed to music, is something you can enjoy at any age. Standing there with my parents and watching the lights dance, I couldn’t help but feel a little nostalgic. These moments are precious, and they remind me why we keep coming back year after year. It’s the best Christmas Lights Show in Ohio, hands down!

Family Time: Then and Now

Visiting with my parents this year brought back so many memories.

That quote from F.A. Seiberling about Christmas being a children’s day resonates with me now. It’s fascinating how these traditions gain meaning as we all grow older. And while the kids might be teenagers, they’re still as enchanted by this place as they were when they were little. I’m especially excited for next week when we go back with my son, who’s in college now. He insisted on joining us, not wanting to miss out on our family tradition. It’s heartwarming to see that even as they grow up, these moments still mean the world to them. My daughter even mentioned how she looks forward to the time when she brings her kids to Stan Hywet Deck the Halls, I hope she invites that child’s grandparents. 🙂

Visit Stan Hywet Deck the Hall

Stan Hywet’s DECK THE HALL is more than just a showcase of Christmas lights in Ohio. It’s a place where memories are made and traditions are kept alive, no matter how old your kids get. If you haven’t been there yet, trust me, it’s worth the trip.

So, if you’re thinking about a family outing this Christmas season, make sure to check out DECK THE HALL. Running from December 7-23, and December 26-30, from 3-8pm, it’s the perfect way to spend an evening full of joy and nostalgia. Remember to grab your tickets early!

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