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I am excited to announce that NE Ohio made the list of location for Remake Learning Days Across America! Remake Learning Days is a festival of innovative experiences that families with kids (pre-K through high school) can participate in together for hands-on learning and fun learning 21st century skills!

This post is brought to you by Remake Learning Days and The Motherhood. All opinions are my own.

Remake Learning Days Across America

Remake Learning Days are family-friendly, free events will engage your family in creativity, problem-solving, and critical thinking in a fun, hands-on learning way. These events are designed to help kids learn how to navigate the rapid social and technological changes in our society – parents are sure to learn plenty too! After all, we need to keep up with our kids in this highly technological world.

Every opportunity that we give our kids to explore Arts, Maker, Outdoor Learning, Science, Technology and Youth Voice is a chance to them to ‘try on’ that discipline for their future career. Kids that don’t have hand-on learning opportunities can’t fully discover their abilities, interests, and desires. Make plans now to attend a few Remake Learning Days in your area today!

Remake Learning Days Across America started out in one city and has spread across 6 regions of the USA, including NE Ohio and nearby Pittsburgh, PA. If you are a local reader, check out these areas first!

Remake Learning Days Across America is taking root in nine regions in 2019:

Remake Learning Days in NE Ohio

You don’t have to go far for some family fun hands-on learning with the Remake Learning Days right here in NE Ohio. In fact, there are over 30 events your family can attend between May 15-19th!! The majority are FREE with a couple low-cost ones.

The Great Lakes Science Center is teaming up with Lake Erie Crushers for several fun days where families get to enjoy a baseball game and interact with community partners in science, technology, engineering, and math. May 15 – 16 – all ages

The Great Lakes Science Center and Rock n Roll Hall of Fame are teaming up to Rock Your World with STEAM Family Festival on May 18th. – pre-K – high school.

The Cuyahoga County Public Library is offering several hands-on learning opportunities for all grades including

Please, take advantage of FREE hands-on learning programs during this event and throughout the year with your local library. They offer amazing educational programs for all ages.

There are so many STEM and STEAM programs and kids love it. That is direction of our society, so getting them active in hands-on learning activities is a huge benefit for them. My son wants to attend the Teen Maker Boss event where he can explore coding, 3-D designing and video creation.

My daughter loves baking, she’s actually quite good at it. We plan to sign up for the Nail It or Fail It: Cupcake Decorating event where she will actually get to compete with kids her ages as they recreate a pin-worthy cupcake design. The winner will earn “Nailed It” status!

My kids are outdoors kids. The Remake Learning Days are for all aspects of learning, including Outdoor Learning. They both want to attend the Making Paracord Survival Bands event too!

Hands-on Learning Road Trip!

There are literally hundreds of Remake Learning Days events that you can choose from. I suggest browsing all of the above locations that are within a road trip worthy drive for you. They all fall on at least one or two weekends each, so it makes it highly possible to plan a hands-on learning family road-trip this month!

As parents, we travel for sports and competitions all the time, show your kids how much you value their education and learning by planning an education and learning focused road trip this May. Road trips don’t have to be filled with expensive entertainment options. Being together as a family, embarking on a new adventure in a new city,  and experiencing a few family-friendly learning events on STEM, Maker Education, 21st Century Skills, Arts, Science, Technology, and more will make a memorable family road trip.

Remake Learning Days started out in nearby, Pittsburgh 10 years ago. At first, they were teaching adults how our technological and digital age is changing education. Their focus was on how to best prepare kids for the future. It is no wonder that you’ll find many Remake Learning Days in the greater Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area. We blog about family fun in Pittsburgh often. Check out all the Pittsburgh Learning Days and make a road trip out of it. Find out more on where to stay, dine, and more entertainment on our blog.

Attend Remake Learning Days

Your homework is to plan out your family’s schedule now – before it get clogged up with other ‘stuff’. Commit to putting education and hands-on learning as a family priority. Put a couple Remake Learning Days events on your calendar today. Learning and having fun together as a family will help your child find their passion, develop their creativity, and explore curiosity. There are hundreds of events to choose from. To learn more, visit

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