Maximize Garage Sale Profits by Inviting the Competition!

Get the biggest bang for your yard sale work by planning a multi-family yard sale. This is beneficial to you because “yard salers” find it very appealing to hit your yard sale because essentially it is 3 or more ‘yard sales’ at one address.  More customers means more business!

The Most Important Garage Sale Trick – Go MultiFamily


  • Planning: Plan about 3 weeks in advance so it gives you and your neighbors time to get everything together.
  • Invite: Spread the word to neighbors, friends, and family that you are having a multi-family yard sale. Someone may also be considering one or has some stuff but not enough for a full yard sale, so they will join yours!
  • Advertise: Word of mouth is excellent, tell your family, neighbors, and friends about your yard sale. Holding a multi-family yard sale has a great benefit because  of everyone chipping in on a paid advertisement in your local newspaper. Click here to submit your ad to Akron Beacon Journal. Be sure to mention popular items such as jewelry, appliances, baby clothes, toys, computers, antiques, tools, books, records, etc. Also post on free sites like Craigslist, LocalDeals, AkronBay50StateClassifieds, YardSaleQueen, and YardSaleNet Also, advertise right here at
  • Post signs: Be sure to check with your local authorities on erecting signs. Post large, easy to read signs from all areas that lead into your neighborhood. Post signs from the nearest major road to your yard sale.
  • Have a plan for the money: Either have each family have their own cash box or keep a tally sheet of items sold and price sold for each family involved.
  • Get the kids involved: Older kids can sell lemonade and cookies. This teaches them about hard work, customer service, and how to make a dollar!

Other handy yard sale tips:

  • Make sure your items are clean. Wash clothes that have been packed away and hang them up, if possible. Clean off all other items from debri and dust. Nobody wants to pay money for dirty items.
  • Price it right. Usually about 25% of the retail value of the item is right for items in good condition.  If you are unsure on an item, look up a similar item on ebay.
  • Display everything nicely. Use all the tables and shelves that you can find in your house. Borrow some from family or your church or social organizations. At worse case, spread a table cloth on the ground for items.
  • Be safe: Have directions to the nearest public restroom or always accompany a person if you choose to let them use your restroom, as long as someone else is manning the sale.
  • Set up at least 2 hours before the sale begins to be sure you have enough time to iron out all of the kinks in your displays.
  • Have a plan for early birds. Many show up 1 hour before the scheduled yard sale, either stick to the scheduled time or plan for early birds.


Having a multi-family yard sale can be lots of fun. It is a great way to get to know your fellow neighbors by sitting and chatting as well as working together to clean out the clutter in your homes!

Holding a yard sale is also an easy way to ‘go green’ by recycling products! Your ‘trash’ can be another person’s treasure, don’t throw it out!

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1 thoughts on “Maximize Garage Sale Profits by Inviting the Competition!

  1. Betty N says:

    lots of good advice. I have had several garage sales at my house because I am conviently located for buyers. Youth groups from church had them as fundraisers for their mission trips. I didn’t mind “regular” early birds but I didn’t like the ones that buy to resale and try to take the best items and get a really good deal. Another great place to advertise is on Craig’s List. It is free and you can really spell out all the wonderful types of items that you have.

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