May is National Water Safety Month

picture of National Water Safety Month

The lazy days of summer are right around the corner. My kids #1 requested activity is Swimming! How about your kids? Swimming is the best way to cool off but drowning is the 2nd leading injury-related cause of death for kids ages 1-14, according to the Red Cross. Don’t think it all happens at the ocean or the large pools, kids ages 1-4 most often drown in their home swimming pools.

picture of National Water Safety Month
National Water Safety Month

May is National Water Safety Month.  As a SwimWays‘ Swim Steps Swim Team Member, it is my duty to give you this reminder on how to protect and prepare your children for water safety.

Adding a Backyard Pool this Summer?

Are you thinking about installing a home swimming pool or hot tub this summer? I’m not telling you not to, just alerting you to the danger and responsibility of it. Drowning is the leading cause of death for kids ages 5 and under. Of the kids that drown at their home swimming pool, kids were out of sight just 5 minutes or less. Active supervision is required for your kids’ safety. The Red Cross has a checklist of everything you need to know and to to provide a safe swimming experience in your home. Learn about pool maintenance, safety, how to prepare for emergencies.

Swimming Safely in Lakes, Rivers, and Streams

If you do most of your summertime swimming in lakes, rivers, streams, then you will want to check out this Red Cross Ready checklist.  It is all about preparing for your day out swimming by being aware of your environment from waves and currents to the weather to aquatic life.  You’ll also learn tips on how to practice water safety, including being sure everyone learns to swim with courses and keeping kids under active supervision. In case of an emergency, learn how to respond.

Water Safety at Home

Even if you don’t have a home swimming pool, the danger of downing still exist right at home.  There are potential dangers everywhere including bath tubs, buckets of water, kiddie pools, ditches, garden ponds, creeks, wells, cisterns, and more.

How can you protect your kids from dangers of drowning

As you can see, drowning is a real danger for kids. There are simple steps to ensure that your kids are safe around water. Here are a few of the basic ones:

  • Enroll in Swimming and Water Safety courses
  • Teach kids to always ask permission to go near water
  • Keep an active eye on kids around water – don’t rely on other kids or swimming aids exclusively
  • Have young or inexperienced swimmers wear a U.S. Coast Guard approved life jacket around water
  • Know how to respond to aquatic emergencies

National Learn to Swim Day

This Saturday, May 19, 2012 is National Learn to Swim Day. Make it a point to do at least one thing to prepare your family to have a safe Summer. A good place to start is by contacting your local Red Cross to find swimming lessons to sign your kids up for this Summer.

For more information on National Learn to Swim Day and SwimWays, go to

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