Disney FROZEN II is Finally in Theaters Today!

The wait is finally over, Disney FROZEN II hit theaters today, Friday, November 22, 2019! We were lucky enough to get a preview a few days ago with my daughter and a couple die-hard FROZEN friends and loved it! The entire car ride home was filled with singing of new FROZEN II songs, including “Into the Unknown” which will likely outdo “Let it Go” for a while with these girls! Read on for our review!

Disney FROZEN II Review

The anticipation is over, we can all learn more about the next chapter in the life of Anna and Elsa and their friends in Disney FROZEN II!  All of the speculations that we heard rumors about and that we imagined were nothing like the movie at all! We were enthralled by the movie from the first moment until the beautiful ending that leaves us already anticipating FROZEN III!

Frozen 2 – In Theaters November 22!
FROZEN II begins in the past when Queen Iduna tells bedtime stories to Anna and Elsa about the Arendelle’s past. It was sweet to see them young and with their mom again.The movie then skips to present day. Arendelle is a happy kingdom with Elsa being totally accepted for who she is and as a good queen. Even though life is going well and everyone seems happy, Elsa is being haunted by a singing voice – almost like a siren – that only she can hear.  She tries to ignore them but the singing gets to the point where she can’t even sleep…

Elsa can’t ignore the mysterious singing voices and is drawn to a mysterious, magical forest – the same forest their mom and dad told them about when they were young. Not knowing what was ahead, Elsa feels in her heart that the voices calling her are good. Anna isn’t so sure and makes her promise to to this together – the bond of sisterhood is great in this movie, even more than the first movie. Of course they are joined by Kristoff, Olaf, and Sven on this journey.

It doesn’t take long for Elsa to realize that even though her sister wants to do this together, there are places only Elsa and her powers can venture into so she must go alone… In this movie, the 4 elements that have magical manifestations of earth, air, fire, and water are in play as they protect the forest by trying to scare off Elsa, Anna, and displaced the entire population of Arendelle.  Elsa is drawn to the forest to find out the truth of the past of Arendelle, even if it requires going through the magical mist of an impenetrable wall for forest or deep in the ocean with a mythical water spirit guarding the ocean.

This movie is adventure packed, making it a great family movie that even boys and dads will enjoy. There are scenes of not only Elsa wielding her powers but also the elemental forces. Once inside the forest, they meet up with people that were trapped for 30 years!

One scene hit me quite hard, I can’t tell you the why or how but at one point Anna is in such great despair that even gravity was keeping her down – psychically and emotionally – like in the deepest of depression and despair. Our hearts longed to help her, as we were also in a state of shock and sadness…. What a credit to bravery when she faced her pain and decided that even if what she loves is destroyed, the only thing she can do is make the right choice to do the next right thing. It’s a powerful scene, you’ll know it when you see it. The song, “The Next Right Thing” is another song that was sung over and over on the way home from the theater! I love the positive message in the song – even if we have hard things going on, we can take the next right step or do the next right thing in our lives.

Should you see FROZEN II? Yes! Although there are some really grown-up lessons in the movie, it is family-friendly, has plenty of comic relief scenes with Olaf, and is a really good movie with a great ending you’ll want to see for yourself.

FROZEN II is in theaters today!

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