Forever My Girl: A Clean Romantic Movie

Forever My Girl ok for kids? Review

I love a good romantic movie without all the filth. My pre-teen daughter enjoys watching princess themed romantic movies as well. There aren’t many good romance movies that are ok for families with teens. I found a good match with FOREVER MY GIRL.

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In this romantic movie, singer Liam Page (Alex Roe) leaves his sweetheart Josie Preston (Jessica Rothe) at the alter to make it big-time as a country music singer and never to return home for 8 years…

Forever My Girl ok for kids? Review

Liam was young. He chose his career over his bride, family, and hometown. When a friend suddenly passes away, he goes ‘home’ for the funeral and meets up with his ex-bride, family, and an entire town that can’t understand why he left. He wasn’t very welcomed..

During his visit, Liam meets up with Josie and learns she has a daughter…exactly the age of when he left. Now, my daughter did look puzzled with the math and the fact that the couple wasn’t married yet – he left her at the alter. So, this movie isn’t PERFECT for kids as it implies sex before marriage because there was a baby! In an opening scene, Liam wakes up with a ‘groupie’ wearing nothing but a concert t-shirt. Those are the two parts of the movie that take the sparkle out of the ‘clean’ rating of this movie.

Liam tries to do the right thing and gets to know his daughter. He’s torn between his country music star life and the small-town life he messed up.Forever My Girl ok for kids? Review

Falling in love with his daughter and again Josie, Liam has a difficult decision. What life will he choose? Watch to find out!Forever My Girl ok for kids? Review

Of the romantic movie choices out there, Forever My Girl is wholesome, lovely, and sweet. I highly recommend watching it for date-night, or movie night with your teens. Rent it or buy your own copy on


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