Pass This Bill…Right Away – The Video

Regardless of your political affiliation, our President sounded like a broken record last night.  No, I’m not on a soap box about previous messages, or more of the same, or whatever, but he said the phrase “Pass This Jobs Bill” WAY TOO MANY TIMES!  It seems his message was to congress to “pass this bill right away”.

Check it out:


Pass This Jobs Bill Video MOntage by President Obama

How many times did you count him saying pass this bill? lol

Could I take sides here, sure! But that’s not what this blog is about- feel free to comment though!  Regardless, I believe that a real 100% open debate between all parties regarding a fully disclosed and visible bill should be made.  It might be shot down, but it should be looked at – over the course of more than 2 minutes …


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