One More Time Around with the Pirates.. and Paul McCartney

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales (Pirates 5) hits theaters for your Memorial Day Weekend.

My family and I got the chance to check out the movie this evening.  It’s a high-spirited, raucous adventure that provided the regular antics of our favorite Caribbean Pirates, a guillotine that almost beheads the required Jack Sparrow any number of times, a new set of CGI villains cursed by something in the Ocean (if it was said, it was quick, or implied under cover), mostly dead but dangerous sharks, and some heart felt family allegiances, and the (spoiler!) return of my favorite couple to help round out the cinematic adventure.

Paul McCartney’s surprise cameo experience has you wondering “wait, was that just one of the Beatles?” for a few seconds.. but then it settles in. :)  He’s on screen as Jack Sparrow’s uncle for about 60-90 seconds, a cute addition.

Johnny Depp was there, and played his part, but I think that if he was a little less drunk and a little more in tune the movie could have been more true to form.  He should not be the reason to see, nor the reason not to see the movie.

The Young Heroine of the movie Kaya Scodelario plays a young woman with a strong bent towards academics, astronomy and knowledge- to the point where she is cast as a witch by the townsfolk around her when she is introduced.  Kaya Scodelario’s acting here is better than that in the Scorch Trials, and her character’s drive and selfless ambition for knowledge and family is a central aspect of the film.

Regarding Family ears and eyes, there was little swearing, a little anatomical crude pirate humor, and well, sword fighting with.. swords and such.  The PG-13 is definitely for the violence- so expect blood- but don’t expect a LOT of blood.

All in all, this swashbuckling tale is one that can relieve a hot summer’s day with deep ocean action, adventure laughter, and a little heart.  It’s a pirate movie-with just one Beatle…  arrrrrrrgh!!


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