RISEN is a Film on Jesus Worth Watching Again and Again

risen movie review

If you are looking for an uplifting movie about the life of Jesus Christ, check out RISEN. It is available on 4K Ultra HD™, Blu-ray™ & DVD at stores nationwide as well as online. My husband and I went to the theater to see the movie around Easter time. It was the perfect time for such a movie release. It is now available on DVD to enjoy at home. Trust me, you’ll want to watch this movie again and again – all year long.

Many have said that RISEN is the best film about Jesus since THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST and I agree. However, the two movies are completely different. RISEN focuses on the life of Jesus after he rose through the eyes of a non-believing, powerful Roman military tribune. I was surprised at this twist as most movies are not told from this perspective but it makes complete sense as Jesus came to Earth not for the perfect but for the sinner.

I loved watching the life of Clavius, the military tribune as he goes from a heartless warrior to a believer. It wasn’t an immediate transformation but a slow, real one.

We don’t allow our kids to watch many PG-13 movies as they are still just 9 and 11. However, they asked to watch this movie because it was about Jesus. Since we had previously watched it, we were comfortable with them watching it. Be aware though that there are several Biblical violent scenes and a couple disturbing images of those crucified. All in all, it was a good family movie since my kids are both professes believers and old enough to understand the violence.

RISEN is an excellent movie to add to your library. It is a movie you’ll want to watch over and over and a great movie to watch with non-believers as it is not a threatening or preachy movie.

risen movie review

You can purchase RISEN at stores nationally and on Amazon.com.

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