Star Wars the Last Jedi : A Human Story

The Disney team has slid into second base with a solid hit for Star Wars: The Last Jedi. With some of the same ominous overtones of The Empire Strikes Back, the movie brings a focus on human error, mistakes, forgiveness, redemption and the unforgivable sin of illegal parking.

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In the way the Star Wars Universe loves to use flawed characters- both in failures and visual imperfections, Star Wars, the Last Jedi becomes believable and relatable. Finding the good in people and being able to look past mistakes is welcomed. – Is that a spoiler? Not really, just a trait of the movie.

The visual spectacle of my first viewing of the Last Jedi was pure eye candy, but not overwhelming. So much visual content, aliens, background detail and explosions fill the screen, you simply can’t take it all in at once. (There’s a real reason some die hard fans will be seeing it back to back to back). It was Beautiful and Believable- amazing for a space opera. Regardless of your past experience with seeing Star Wars in the theater- you WILL be impressed.

Cons: The sloppy and slow “Can You Hear Me Now” 2007 Verizon Commercial (joke) embedded in the movie was a little bit slow and spaceballs-esque. Other jokes seem to be written for Harrison Ford, but he just wasn’t there to deliver them, sigh. The Star Wars Universe is still looking for their lead comic relief that’s for sure.

But as those skips in the record past in the first half hour, the movie found its footing.

YouTube is riddled with thousands of videos expounding on secret hints from the trailers, trying to determine backstory and origins of various characters – Snoke, Rey and how they all fit together. This movie, simply, laughs at those issues- and wipes the slate clean- making Star Wars about the movie experience – and not how much you know about “Star Wars Cannon”.

I REALLY welcomed that.

Many die hard fans may feel let down at the wipe, but, IT’S A MOVIE. For that I’m thankful, and was able to enjoy it stand alone, without needing to read a dozen comic books.

As for illegal parking? Yes, the story would have been completely different if a redneck alien didn’t tattle on our hero’s parked vehicle. Life Lessons beyond redemption, apparently!


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STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI opens in theatres everywhere December 15th!

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