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Kermit the Frog, Miss Piggy, Fozzie Bear, Gonzo and the whole gang are on tour and ready to make you laugh with Muppets Most Wanted. We were able to attend a screening of Muppets Most Wanted last week to facilitate this post. We had a great time and laughed through the whole movie. Nothing compares to the slapstick type comedy that Muppets deliver every time.

 Muppets Most Wanted Review

I was so excited when I heard about the new Muppets movie. My family loves watching all the Muppets movies over and over. They are always good for an entertaining, fun-filled movie that the whole family can enjoy. From the slapstick humor and puns to the celebrity cameos, it was an all-around great family movie.


The movie starts off as the Muppets meet a new manager who promised them a prestigious European tour, his name is Dominic Badguy, which is pronounced “bad-jee,” which sets the stage for the entire humorous movie.  We can all tell that Dominic isn’t a legit manager and so does Kermit but the others are oblivious, just wanting to rejuvenate their variety show on the road.

Muppets Most Wanted Review
You’ll love the songs and singing throughout the movie on stage with their variety show and even in a prison!


In the movie, you are going to love Constantine and Kermit the Frog – how the two are alike and totally different. It is amazing what a glued-on mole can do to a person. For Kermit, it takes him to a Siberia prison with Nadya, played by Tina Fey as a feisty prison guard.  For Constantine, a little green make up allows him to infiltrate the Muppets and take over Kermit’s position with none but Animal the wiser. I can’t believe they bought the “I have a sore throat” excuse for his new evil, thick accented voice.

Muppets Most Wanted Review
You see, Dominic Badguy and Constantine are working together to use the Muppets variety show to get into venues that will allow them to slip in and steel the Crown Jewels from the Tower of London. It’s quite complicated as they have to go from venue to venue to get piece by piece in order to finally swipe them.

Meanwhile, Kermit is in the Siberian prison! Thankfully for Kermit, Constantine has quite the reputation there as he was the leader who just escaped. Constantine had moves that you won’t believe and there is no doubt why he is Most Wanted international crime caper. My son loved that they showed more of the Muppets feet during this movie, especially Constantine with his fight scenes!

I was so excited to see Tina Fey in this movie! On the outside, she was a tough and feisty prison guard but on the inside, she secretly has a huge crush on Kermit.

So, will Constantine finally make Miss Piggy’s wish to marry Kermit come true? Will Kermit make it out of the Siberian Prison? Will Badguy and Constantine steal the Crown Jewels?  You’ll have to go to the theater to find out! MUPPETS MOST WANTED opens in theaters on March 21, 2014!

When I was in LA last week, I was able to get my photo snapped with the Muppets, well, sort of!


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