MythBusters: The Explosive Exhibition Now at Great Lakes Science Center

Are you a MythBusters fan? Have you ever wondered how it would be to test out all the popular myths that they get to do? If so, the MythBusters: The Explosive Exhibition at the Great Lakes Science Center is calling your name!! This exhibit is a ton of fun for the whole family! We were able to check it out earlier this month and can’t wait to go back!!

Great-Lakes-Science-Center-MythBustersI received admission to facilitate this post.

Immediately upon walking into the MythBusters The Explosive Exhibition, you’ll be greeted by actual equipment from some of fan-favorite MythBusters.

Great-Lakes-Science-Center-88Remember the Jato Rocket Car Mount show? Jamie and Adam tried to build a car that would fly by adding 3 rockets to the top of a Chevy Impala. See it for yourself! That was a busted myth but awesome experiment!

mythbusters-sThe Chicken Gun is front and center as well – every guy’s dream of a fun afternoon! Great-Lakes-Science-Center-tI love the What-If scenarios on MythBusters. Like, what if you were stranded in a dessert. Could you rebuild your car into a motorcycle to escape? They actually rebuilt their 2CV Citron car into a motorbike by only using hand tools in the middle of the desserts in California. This myth is being tested on the Discovery Channel this Winter!!

P1310176What we were must impressed by with the MythBusters Exhibition at Great Lakes Science Center were the hands-on experiments. There are MANY and they are fun for ALL ages.


One thing I’ve always wanted to try is the tablecloth trick where you pull the tablecloth off of a table that is set with plates and glasses. At the MythBusters Exhibition, you can!!!  My son is a natural at this – thankfully he hasn’t tried this at home!

Butter Side Up or Down? In my house, it is always butter side down! The odds go up even greater if you just mopped the floors! So, we put it to the test with several ways of dropping the toast – by flinging it, launching it, and dropping at different heights to see how many times it would land butter up or down. We enjoyed keeping track – and found it landed butter side down more often than up!Great Lakes Science Center butter   There are so many interactive opportunities to test out! Can you dodge a bullet? Find out the safe way at Great Lakes Science Center!Great-Lakes-Science-Center-3333The Killer Cardtoss activity was super fun and addicting! It’s all about the flick of your wrist and my son was a pro! It even tells you the speed in which your card flies! I was able to flick the cards to hit the target – after many tries. My son was able to hit the bulls eye on the target and get the cards to stick! Great Lakes Science Center Killer Card TossYou can even time yourself as you change like a superhero in a telephone booth!Great-Lakes-Science-Center-443Ever wonder if you could drive a car blind? With a little help from a partner, you can test this out too!Great-Lakes-Science-Center-44The MythBusters exhibit is a traveling exhibit, however Cleveland is the only place you will see the addition of the Duct Tape activities – courtesy of our very own Cleveland based Manco! Everyone knows that the MythBusters have proven over and over the benefits of using duct tape, so it is the perfect addition to the exhibit. Great Lakes Science Center Duct TapeWe spent a lot of time with the Duct Tape Activities. We made mini sleds with colorful duct tape, then tested them out on the slides. We made adjustments to experiment with how those changes affect the ride! We even made and floated our own duct tape boats!Great-Lakes-Science-Center-4You can even add to the life-sized toboggan with their Community Duct Tape Build! They will launch a life-size Buster down the big hill between the Science Center and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame this Sunday, February 22nd!

Have you ever heard that if you walk in the rain you get less wet than if you run? Well, you can test that out too!

In our experiment, the person who ran got wetter!

There is so, so much more to this exhibition, you’ve gotta check it out! My family all agrees that the MythBusters The Explosive Exhibition is the best exhibit that the Great Lakes Science Center has ever had!! It is so much fun for all ages – kids and adults alike!

Don’t forget to stop by the gift shop for some “explosively good shopping” with fun science kits and MythBusters gear!MythBusters ShoppingDon’t delay, the MythBusters The Explosive Exhibition is only in Cleveland now through May 3, 2015.

Great Lakes Science Center
601 Erieside Ave.
Cleveland, OH 44114

601 Erieside Avenue, Cleveland, OH 44114

(216) 694-2000

When you purchase tickets for the MythBusters: The Explosive Exhibition, it includes admission to the exhibition plus general admission to Great Lakes Science Center.

$23 (adult), $20 (ages 2 – 12), free for children under 2.

$7 (adult), $6 (ages 2 – 17), free for children under 2.

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