The 5 Friends you take to Nashville

Live country music from aspiring artists pulses through 1st 2nd and 3rd Avenues of Nashville, Tennessee with men and women, young and old singing their heart out hoping beyond hope to be discovered.   The city is alive with dreams and aspirations.

Two blocks away at Bridgestone Arena, in early November, you will find the star-studded 2017 Country Music Awards.  At the award show, the American phenomenon that is country becomes the realization of those dreams and aspirations.

And you can go.  But you have to bring 5 friends with you. (Skip to the bottom to click on the link to enter the contest!)

Nashville, TN 37203

Choosing 5 Friends to Bring to Nashville

To start, sure, you can choose the simple route, and bring your family to see the Country Music Awards.  That’s awesome.. but really, are they all fans?  Are you ready to manage WHICH family members get to go with you?  Does bringing your mom sound less than exciting?

Take the brave route, take the fun route.  Bring your friends- but bring the right ones.

#1 – Bring the die hard country music fan

Enjoy the JOY of bringing the biggest country music fan friend that you can find.  Not only will this friend be grateful, but they may know more than you about what to see, who to listen to, and the benefits of visiting the Grand Olde Opery, or trying to record a couple of duets.

#2- The Trip Organizer

Schedules, dates, times, and get-er-done kind of work – You surely have one friend that plays things by the book.  Bring her, or him.  Not only will he/she help you get to where you go on time, but you might help them lighten up.

#3- The Wild and Free

Someone needs to be there to clap a little too loud and scream a little too long during the CMA show.  Enjoy not being related to this person.

#4- The one that Never goes Anywhere

Sure it’s only 3 days, and it’s only a couple of states away- but your single mom friend that works too hard, needs a break.  Bring her, she deserves it.

#5- Your Spouse

Of course I said don’t bring relatives- but your spouse- you chose.. He/She isn’t blood.. Bring’em!

So here’s the contest information:

Clarion (A Choice Hotel) is currently running a contest that ends at the end of the month- win a 3-Night, You-And-5-Friends Trip to Nashville to see the CMA awards in November!  I was provided travel rewards in return to promote this contest.

Contest Prize

  • Attend the 2017 CMA Awards on Wednesday, November 8, 2017
  • Enjoy a custom Nashville Experience, like touring the Grand Ole Opry or recording a couple of songs
  • Receive round-trip airfare credit

Enter the contest here:

and when you win – tell me who you ended up bringing!!!

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