National Learn To Swim Day with SwimWays – May 17

With summer practically hear already, if your child doesn’t know how to swim, it’s time to start thinking about teaching them safety tips and even just maybe how to actually swim! SwimWays has every water safety item you need for your whole family, yes, even your dog! Of course, like all parents, my children’s safety is important to me. That’s why I chose SwimWays to help my girls learn the Swim Steps 3 Level program. SwimWaysProducts I received product to facilitate this post.

SwimWays 3 Swim Steps for Water Safety with the SwimWays Power Swimr and Sea Squirts

Step 1:Water Introduction

Water Introduction is key for water safety for your children. Help your child feel comfortable in the water by supporting and helping them with balancing their weight as they get used to the SwimWays Power Swimr or Sea Squirts.  May is Water Safety Month. Add the Power Swimr or Sea Squirts to your list of gear!

Step 2: Water Exploration.

Give your child the freedom to move around with your physical support, while also allowing them to gain confidence, learning to paddle and balance. Let them take the reigns and choose were to go, while making them feel secure.

Step 3: Swim Training.

Once your child is confident and you are too, give them more freedom with the Power Swimr and Sea Squirts swim training systems. As your child develops their swimming skills remove one of the 9 floatation pads. This will still give your kid confidence while also making them rely on their own swimming techniques they are  learning.

Claire loves her Power Swimr!
Grace loves the shark fin on her Sea Squirts vest!

SwimWays National Learn to Swim Day – May 17

National Learn to Swim Day will be here this next weekend! It’s not too far away, and you can go to, SwimWays website that gives parents and caregivers tips to teach your child to swim.  According to the American Red Cross, drowning is the second-leading cause of unintentional injury-related death for children ages one to 14. We, as parents, can help by teaching our children water safety and providing them with the tools they need to keep safe.

Claire felt confident as I supported her while she played in the pool.

As a parent, I love both the Power Swimr and Sea Squirts swim assist tools. My kids never asked one time to have them taken off because they were uncomfortable. They felt confident and comfortable. Unlike most floaties for children which are made out of uncomfortable plastic that rubs and irritates your kids baby soft skin, SwimWays has a soft fabric not too different from a swim suit or wet suit.

Grace loved her Sea Squirts vest and even learned to doggie paddle alone by the end of the day.

Sea Squirts place your child be in the correct position to swim. This product has 3 float pads, as opposed to the 9 float pads of the Power Swimr.  The SwimWays Sea Squirts vest is easy for your child to put on themselves with a zip up front. Summer is around the corner, and with Memorial Day weekend coming up get your family ready with SwimWays products.

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