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This is a guest post from Pastor Feather of Crosspoint Alliance Church.

The human soul craves forgiveness. There are no more powerful words to say to a person than “I forgive you.” While October Baby does an incredible job of proclaiming the message that “every life is beautiful,” another underlying theme that captured my mind and heart was that there is an incredible place of forgiveness and restoration.

There may not be a more polarizing and “condemning” issue in our society today than abortion. This movie goes well beyond the typical political shtick to speak to the heart and soul. It was the most “redemptive” story I’ve ever experienced in relationship to the issue of abortion.

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October Baby Summary

The film is about the coming-of-age story of Hannah, a beautiful 19-year-old college freshman. In spite of her energetic (if somewhat naïve) personality, Hannah has always felt like an outsider. Something is missing. She has always carried a deep-seated sense that she has no right to exist.

picture of October Baby
October Baby

When she discovers she was adopted it comes as a shock, but Hannah’s world is rocked even more when she learns why she was never told before – because she was the survivor of a failed abortion. Desperate for answers, she embarks on a road trip with some friends (including her oldest and closest friend Jason) to find her biological mother. In the process she unexpectedly discovers hope, love and forgiveness.

picture of October Baby
October Baby
picture of October Baby
October Baby

The statistics are ominous in the they tell us that 43% of women  continue to carry this secret shame and guilt. This movie will open up some painful experiences but the wonderful news is that it also speaks to the balm of healing that can come. There are some wonderful resources for people who have been carrying this load. “Surrendering the Secret: Healing from the Heartbreak of Abortion” is an 8-week study with a web site to find many other resources and local help.

It is important for us to get out and support October Baby this weekend. Hollywood judges films primarily on the basis of how well they do in the first weekend of showing. If it is to remain in theaters for any amount of time this Friday, Saturday and Sunday will be make or brake. I believe that this is a film that will touch the lives of many, many people. I hope you’ll support it and encourage the theaters to keep showing it.

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You can find your local theatre that is showing October Baby here. In Akron, you can see October Baby at:

Interstate Park Cinema 18
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