Cedar Point’s 2013 Winged Coaster

I know I should have posted this as soon as I saw it!  The new addition to Cedar Point 2013 is the GateKeeper!  The new ride is what is called a WINGED rollercoaster that rides the track like a centipede’s legs.  Can’t wait to to try the

nothing above you – nothing below you sensation!

Mind you this extremely long 4000 ft + ride had to eliminate Disaster Transport, The Space Needle, and, I am guessing, a few midway games, but its new roll OVER the entrance to the park will make it iconic in years to come!

Good Job Cedar Point, oh, and Good Job, again, being rated the #1 Amusement park in the world for like the 8,000th time!  Aren’t we lucky to have ‘THE BEST IN THE WORLD’ in our backyard?

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