Keep the Party Lit and Cool with Glowcicle

My kids love having parties, birthdays or otherwise and during the summer we always have Popsicles but why not start having them year round? With GlowCicle we can have parties day or NIGHT! Any time of year! These tasty treats are great even on a cold winter day!

ColdI was provided with a sample for review.

What is a GlowCicle?

Meet the popcicle that glows! Sounds crazy, but it’s just crazy cool! GlowCicle is made with NATURAL colors and flavors. I love that GlowCicle is also low in sugar but still tastes great. The kids love their GlowCicles, while enjoying them during the day Kiernan kept running into the bathroom to see his GlowCicle glowing! GlowCicle™ frozen treats are 100 ml (3.4 fluid oz) tubes, contain 78 calories per pop. ( In 1 oz serving: 22.3 calories and 5.7 grams of sugar.) No GMO’s here!

glow in the dark

What Does GlowCicle Taste like?

Kiernan swears they taste like apple-strawberry. I tried some of his  Glowcicle and I thought it tasted like cherry and vanilla. How is that possible? Well GlowCicles aren’t made to be just one flavor, they are all made the same just with different colors. The flavor combination of real pineapple, orange, lime, cranberry and Tahitian vanilla, leads you to interpret the flavor. I am sure the color plays a mind over matter trick on us too! The kids love that they have the glow stick that lasts long after their GlowCicle is eaten. They come with links so the kids can make necklaces, bracelets, and what ever else they can imagine!


Where Can I Buy GlowCicles?

Right now you can Only Order them on Kickstarter! With a pledge of $15.00 you can try 6 GlowCicles in your home. They will even be offering two different types of customization, custom ( Happy Birthday, Happy New Year, etc.) and personalized ( Names, Initials,etc.) Let’s show them some wonderful support and help them bring GlowCicles off of Kickstarter and into stores! I’m off to enjoy another tasty Glow Cicle! YES, even with all the snow!



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