Sesame Street Live Elmo’s Green Thumb Show Review

What a fun time we had as a family at our first Sesame Street Live show this past week.  We had the opportunity to go see Elmo’s Green Thumb at the Canton Memorial Civic Center and we sang silly songs, danced and laughed with all the Sesame Street characters!  J-Girl is a big fan of Elmo and Abby so it was special to us to see her reaction to this fun and educational musical show that we (hubby and I) grew up watching as well.

J-Girl loved the show!

What is Elmo’s Green Thumb storyline?

During the show you watch as Elmo and his furry friends try to find the perfect home for Elmo’s sunflower friend “Sunny”.  Sunny started as a young seedling that Elmo planted and had taken root and after much love and care Sunny is ready to find a new home outside of his flowerpot.  Elmo is a little nervous about finding Sunny the perfect home, this is when Elmo’s friends Big Bird, Bert & Ernie, Abby, Zoey, Grover and many more friends help Elmo. Even Oscar the Grouch takes interest in finding the sunflower a new home!

As the Sesame Street friends are searching for a home they also learn the important concepts of nature/gardening such as water conservation, insect roles, the importance of sunlight for Sunny’s continuing growth.

Elmo and Sunny the Sunflower

They do find Sunny a perfect new home in Big Bird’s garden but just before planting takes place Abby Cadabby, Sesame Street’s fairy-in-training, accidentally shrinks herself and her friends while trying out a new fairy spell to make Sunny grow fast.  As they explore Big Bird’s garden from a smaller perspective they learn some big lessons about patience, overcoming their fears and appreciating the role that each creature plays in our ecosystem.  Elmo and his friends come to find out that Sunny will be very happy in his new home in Big Bird’s garden.

Sesame Street Live is Great Family Fun!

For our first Sesame Street Live show this was a blast!  It was so nice to have the option of a morning show since naps are a necessity over here!  The running time of the show was perfectly thought out and even had an intermission so that the kiddo’s could get the wiggle worms out before finishing the show.  The songs were really cute and seeing the Sesame Street friends dancing and visiting with the audience was not only refreshing but lots of fun!  I am so glad that we made some memories with J-Girl at her first of hopefully many more Sesame Street Live Shows.

After the show we went down to the stage to see Sunny's new home

Where can you see Elmo and his Sesame Street Friends?

If you missed seeing Elmo’s Green Thumb show there are still a few more opportunities can see Elmo and his friends in and around Ohio, including this week in Cleveland, Ohio. Check out Sesame Street Live’s 1-2-3 Imagine! with Elmo & Friends show on April 14 – 17, 2011 at Playhouse Square Center in Cleveland, Ohio.  Check out Elmo’s touring schedule.

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This was not a paid post. My own opinions were used based on my perceptions and experience. Thank you to Sesame Street Live who provided the tickets for review.


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