Sparkle*Kitty: Escape the Tower With Magic Spells

=]The Struggle is real…most struggles are, but the struggle to find a family board game that everyone enjoys and is capable of playing is hard in our home. With kids ranging in ages 3-12-year-olds finding a game they all like and can play is hard! So when I learned about Sparkle*Kitty I knew I couldn’t pass up the chance to see if we could make it work…and we had a BLAST!

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The Curse of Sparkle Kitty

Once upon a time, there was an Evil Queen Sparkle*Kitty who captured a group of smart and powerful princesses and locked them away in her no cursing towers! These smart princesses use their funny magic spells to take down the towers and rescue themselves with sweet, simple words. The first Princess to escape the tower wins!

Pick Your Princess!

At the beginning of the game, We each get to pick our princess. The first time we played Sparkle*Kitty, Scarlett picked a Princess that made us all giggle. She picked Princess Princess which was perfectly fitting for her. I love that all the princesses show great diversity and personality. Each princess has her own style/vibe and they are all relatable to both children and adults.

After we picked our Princess, we each were dealt 9 spell cards. Without looking at the cards we put four cards in a row, face down below our princess to build the tower, the remaining 5 cards are the playing hand. The Spell Book gets placed in the middle and the remainder of the spell cards are used as a draw pile. Youngest player goes first unless there is a player dressed as a princess, then they play first.

How to Take Down the Tower

Each turn there We have a few gameplay options. 1) You can play one card into the spell book creating a new spell, 2) Play a dark magic card, or 3) pass and draw a card. To play on to the spell book we must match either the card color or symbol (star, horseshoe, crown or heart.)

Scarlett is the first player to lay down a spell card and had to match the symbols on the book. Then She said the spell she created out loud. So to play what I show in this photo, I said “Twinkle Monkey” Or “Monkey Twinkle”.  If I forget to say the Spell Sparkle*Kitty gets upset and  I have to draw another card! When I emptied my hand, I draw a card from my tower and then refill my hand to five cards.

I took down the tower faster by playing doubles! Doubles are when you have a card who’s word matches one of the current spell words. I can play at any time but must yell “Double” and then the spell word. Then I draw a card from my tower and put into my hand! I can also play a “Double-Double” so I would have 3 spell cards in the stack with the same words, one that was already there and two from my hand.

Dark Magic, Sparkle and Kitty Cards

Dark Magic cards are played beside the Princess and once used I must start ever spell with the word on the dark magic card. when I first play a dark magic card, I can take a card from my hand and add it to any other players tower! Don’t forget to say the dark magic spell word every time or risk getting caught and having to add to your tower. Sparkle and Kityy cards can be played by matching the card color only. When played I pull a card from my tower and into my hand.

Dark Magic “Mega” card!


How to Break Sparkle*Kitty’s Curse

Once a player has to remove their tower cards then they have broken Sparkle*Kitty’s curse and saved the princess. We loved playing Sparkle*Kitty. It was easy enough the with just a little reading help even my 3-year-old could play! Since we opened Sparkle*Kitty my kids have played most days with and without parental help! I love that the game is simple enough for younger children but funny and exciting enough that even the adults wanted to play. So if you are looking for a great family game, I highly recommend Sparkle*Kitty for lots of fun and laughs. You can purchase it at Walmart and Target or via Amazon link below.

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