Why You Should Definitely Consider a Skiing Vacation

There are all sorts of vacations out there. There are luxury cruises. Camping vacations. Gambling vacations. Camping. I wouldn’t blame you if you wanted to try as many types of vacations as you possibly can.

But many people hesitate when it comes to skiing vacations. People tend to have a lot of misconceptions about this activity. They think it’s incredibly dangerous, or they think that it involves vast and expensive travel. But skiing is a lot more accessible than you may think.

Here are the reasons you should consider going on a skiing vacation!



You’ve probably never done it before

Skiing is hardly an activity that most people have engaged in. And if you’re reading this article, the chances are pretty high that you don’t know how cool they are already. Which means that you probably haven’t been on one yourself! There’s a saying about always trying something at least once that I think you should abide by. A skiing vacation is definitely something you should try out! It’s a unique experience. And I guarantee that your friends are going to be envious of you!

It’s nowhere near as dangerous as you might think

Yes, Sonny Bono may have been killed in a skiing accident. But that was nearly twenty years ago, and he wasn’t doing it right! The fact is that skiing isn’t as dangerous as people think. You should be fine if you follow safety procedures and don’t do anything you haven’t practiced on a smaller slope. Make sure you rid yourself of any safety misconceptions before you head out onto the mountains!



America is filled with amazing places to ski

You may think you have to get on a plane and travel overseas in order to go on a great skiing vacation. Most people, for example, may think of the Alps mountain range that stretches across Europe. But there are loads of amazing ski resorts in America! There’s the Alta mountain in Utah. Alaska has several places that haven’t been taken advantage of by commercial interests too much. There’s also Snowmass, the biggest ski area of Colorado. Snowmass rentals are often looked into when people travel there.

It’s somehow both exhilarating and relaxing

Skiing, of course, can see you go at incredibly high speeds. It’s bound to get your blood pumping. But that kind of activity relieves a lot of stress! And isn’t the relief of stress one of the most important features of a vacation? There’s also something about zooming through a mostly white landscape that just feels relaxing. There is serenity to be found even at high speeds!



You can ski-base if you want

“What is ski-base?” I hear you ask. Well, it’s a mix of BASE jumping and skiing! (Free-fall BASE jumping is often called “freebase”. Freebase… ski-base… see what they did there?) Essentially, it involves getting to a ridiculously tall point of a mountain, then jumping off while wearing a parachute. Your skis are still on, so when you land you can carry on skiing! It’s a bit dangerous, though, of course. It’s also illegal in many resorts. You might just want to stick with POV footage!

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