Teaching Kids to Sew

picture of Kids sewing

My son is in cub scouts. He is working through the Cub Scout Tiger Cub Handbook to earn Tiger Track beads for various electives. These electives range from making cards for sick people to playing a board game with your family to teaching a song to someone and even sewing on a button.

I never thought my 7 year old boy would be interested in learning how to sew but it was an easy elective to earn beads for, so we did that today. A button fell off my coat, so this was an easy application. I had a needle already threaded and asked Elijah to remove the thread for me while I searched for scissors. When I came back, he had found the right color thread and already threaded the needle! I was shocked. This was a normal size needle, nothing overly large. I’d never taught him before so I was quite impressed.

picture of Kids sewing
Kids sewing

From there, I taught him how to put the button on the coat, how to hold it in place while you stitch the threads through the coat and button holes. I showed him how to line up the needle with the button, how to gently pull it through the other side and then push the needle back through. We examined the other buttons to see the thread patterns on them so that the new button would match.

picture of Teaching kids to sew
Teaching kids to sew

He did a fantastic job. I think that we grown ups underestimate what young kids can learn to do. My son learned to sew today! Oh, and I found out later how it was so easy for him to thread the needle with absolutely no instruction. He spent the weekend at grandma’s house this weekend. She was doing needle stitch work and he inquired how she did it. Grandma actually showed him how to thread a needle this weekend. How timely! So, it took me a Tiger Cub Handbook to even consider teaching my kids to sew and all it took Grandma was a show by example opportunity. Oh well, at least my son knows how to sew a button now!

Have you taught your kids to sew or other similar tasks and were surprised by the results?


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