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Dumb and dumber to review

If you are looking for a good laugh, check out Dumb and Dumber To. After 20 years, Lloyd (Jim Carrey) reveals the best prank ever on Harry (Jeff Daniels). This is the ultimate “gotcha” prank! Lloyd was in a nursing home for 20 years – faking it. His loyal friend Harry visited him faithfully every Wednesday, taking care of him, change his diapers, etc. And Lloyd was faking it for the ultimate prank.

Dumb and dumber to review
Dumb and Dumber To Review

Harry reveals to Lloyd that he needs a new kidney or he will die. The movie follows this nit-wit couple on their journey to find a kidney for Harry.

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Although the two actors have aged quite a bit since Dumb and Dumber, they jumped right back into character! Some of the jokes and pranks seemed a little over the top from the first movie and sometimes seem forced, they are equally as dumb, in a good way.

It was really neat to see them revisit their own apartment and even a short ride in Mutt Cutts from the first movie! They did a great job taking us down memory lane to Dumb and Dumber.

I watch a variety of movies, not many are like this. This slapstick comedy is ridiculous and fun. Sometimes we all need to take time to just laugh, even at the most insane and dumb jokes.

For instance, when Harry realizes he needs a kidney, he returns home to ask his parents since a biological kidney would be best. When his parents answer the door, you’ll get an immediate laugh. How could Harry not know?!

Dumb and dumber 2 review

Dumb and Dumber To is a good laugh and full of funny pranks. My husband and I enjoyed this movie together and we are sure to watch it again and again. It’s not a kid-friendly movie, as it is PG13 with some crude humor and a nursing home scene – diaper change – that included partial nudity that isn’t appropriate for children. The diaper scene went a little too far for Lloyd’s prank! ha! No worries though, Harry got Lloyd back big-time at the last scene in the movie!


Dumb and Dumber To is available now on the Blu-ray Combo Pack that includes Blu-ray, DVD, and Digital HD with UltraViolet.

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