What are Fuzzoodles? A Toy? A Craft? For Girls? For Boys? Any Fun? Good Christmas Gift?

picture of Fuzzoodles Kits

If you have watched any amount of TV, you have seen commercials for Fuzzoodles. My kids have been asking for me to buy Fuzzoodles for them for the past couple months already. If you are like me, you are wondering the same things I was. What are Fuzzoodles? Are Fuzzoodles for boys? Are Fuzzoodles for girls? Are Fuzzoodles a toy? Are Fuzzoodles a craft? What ages are Fuzzoodles for? I really didn’t understand them but my kids were drawn to them. As luck would have it, Team Mom offered me the chance to review Fuzzoodles. Read along, I’ve got all the answers covered!

Fuzzoodles Hands On Review

Fuzzoodles are “creative play with a twist”. Basically, Fuzzoodles are both toys and crafts. It is an unique combination to be sure. Half the fun is creating Fuzzoodles creatures and the other half of the fun is playing with their new toy!

picture of Kids love Fuzzoodles
Kids love Fuzzoodles

I was not sure if Fuzzoodles would be a big hit with my 4 year old girl and my 6 year old boy. They were very excited to open the boxes and start because of the commercials they had seen. I thought at best, it would be a fun craft that they enjoy doing for 1/2 hour or so.  Let me let the secret out, Kids LOVE Fuzzoodles!

Fuzzoodles Glamour Girl Small Kit

My daughter is 4 years old. Fuzzoodles is intended for 5 and up. With initial help, Elizabeth was able to create her own Fuzzoodle glamour girl and more.

picture of Creating Glamour Fuzzoodles Girl
Creating Glamour Fuzzoodles Girl

Each kit comes with a How-To guide to get your started. It has helpful hints on how to attach accessories to Fuzzoodles. There is also a guide to create one Fuzzoodles creature and other animals or monsters too. We started with the decked out Glamour Girl. The accessories included in the Glamour Girl kit includes: hot pink high heels, skirt, crown, 2 sets of eyes, and 6 Fuzzoodles in various sizes.

picture of Happy girl with her Fuzzoodles Glamour Girl
Happy girl with her Fuzzoodles Glamour Girl

She was so proud of her creation. She carries it around with her and will not dismantle it! There were a couple extra pieces that she used to make a bracelet.

Fuzzoodles Goofy  Guys Small Kit

My biggest question was do boys like Fuzzoodles? My 6 year old is all boy, he’s rough, he’s a total outdoors kind of nature boy, he loves running, wrestling and playing sports. Guess what else he loves? Fuzzoodles!

picture of Boy making Fuzzoodles
Boy making Fuzzoodles

Being a little older, Elijah can follow the pictorial directions pretty much on his own. I did help a little with the accessories. You sort of clip the accessories on, then twist the Fuzzoodle noodles around to secure them, this can be tricky for younger kids. We were able to create a goofy monster and a dog with the Goofy Guys Small Kit.

picture of Fuzzoodles make great gifts
Fuzzoodles make great gifts

Elijah liked creating his own variations more than following directions, which is all the better. Fuzzoodles inspire creativity in our kids which makes it an excellent gift idea for any kid, boy or girl ages 5 and up. We just opened the Fuzzoodles up yesterday, they played with them all day yesterday and a few times today. They can’t keep their hands off of them. I love that the 2 kits can be mixed and matched too to create even more Fuzzoodles Creatures.

Fuzzoodles Questions Answered

What are Fuzzoodles?  Unique craft toy combination that is all the rage this holiday season. Are Fuzzoodles for boys? Hearty Yes! Boys will love creating creatures, silly monsters, and aliens. Are Fuzzoodles for girls? YES! Girls love creating the glamorous characters with skirts, crowns, and purses. They also love making animals, aliens, and silly creatures. Are Fuzzoodles a toy? Yes, your kids will carry around their custom toy and play with it long after the initial creating is over. Are Fuzzoodles a craft? Yes, it is an arts and craft activity that will inspire creativity and imaginations. What ages are Fuzzoodles for? Ages 5 and up, especially ages 5-8. Fuzzoodles would make an excellent Christmas gift, birthday gift, or reward for your kids to work towards.

Buy Fuzzoodles

Fuzzoodles come in various size kits. The Small Kits including Fuzzoodles Glamour Girl, Monster Madness, Plush Pals, and Goofy Guys
Goofy Guys  run about $6.99 each. Large Kits including Fluffy Friends, Crazy Critters run $9.99 each. The Fuzzoodles Big Box includes Crazy Critters, Glamour Girls and Fluffy Friends run $19.99 each. You can purchase Fuzzoodles nationwide at Walmart, Toys R Us, and online at www.buyFuzzoodles.com or Amazon.com.

Fuzzoodles Jumbo Plush Construction Kit

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This was not a paid post. My own opinions were used based on my perceptions and experience. Thank you to Fuzzoodles who provided the products for review through Team Mom.

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