What Did Angry Birds Teach My Kids?

Our addiction with playing Angry Birds started when it was installed on my husband’s iPhone. Since none of us likes to stare at the tiny screen, playtime was clocked but not much.  Now that we have Angry Birds on the iPad2, solving Angry Birds puzzles has become our before-bedtime activity.

We have two camps in this household. One camp is interested in leveling up and the other is interested in getting three stars rating. Getting one star to me isn’t considered as ‘success’, I will keep trying and not move on to the next level until I achieve ‘perfection’ (i.e. three stars). Pretty clear which camp I’m in!  It often frustrates the rest of my family members .  Anyone who has played Angry Birds will know what I mean.

picture of What did Angry Birds teach my kids?
What did Angry Birds teach my kids?

What is Angry Birds?

Angry Birds is a puzzle video game (it was first released on Apple OS – such as iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad).  12 million copies of the game have been sold via the Apple iTunes Store, soon became popular in other touchscreen smartphone, and now available online.   It is a puzzle game to launch birds with slingshot and destroy all pigs located in multiple positions on every stage of the game.  There is no time limit to complete the game, users are welcome to restart the game as and when they want to until all of the pigs are destroyed and move on to the next level.

picture of Angry Birds
Angry Birds

What Did Angry Birds Teach My Kids?

  1. Never give up (unless the iPad is running out of battery).
  2. There are many ways to solving a problem.
  3. Even tiny birds can destroy big structures (nothing is impossible and size does not matter).
  4. Team work  (different skill sets are needed to solve problems).
  5. The not so fun part: Basic Concepts of Math and Physics.

Oh yes, we have all flavors of the Angry Birds too.

Want eggs? Watch out for birds of all types hitting you!


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