What’s New at Cedar Point 2012 -Luminosity and Dinosaurs!

where are the new dinosaurs at Cedar Point 2012

Cedar Point this year is working on bettering the park experience with some new eye candy this year.

Dance and Light Show at Cedar Point – Luminosity

One of the new experiences is Luminosity– this is a midway filling dance party that they say will light up the whole park and shine brand new rotating lights on all the rides at sunset.  Check out the video below!

Also part of the change is the transformation of The “Iron Dragon Midway”  to Celebration Plaza. This large area, once changed over here in a few weeks (show starts June 8th) , will allow excellent views of the stage, DJ, and light machines from many angles- changing the whole park into a party!

I’ve found that this year, my daughter LOVES to dance- and music is such an important and festive thing to young ears.  Certainly Cedar Point will increase her enjoyment at the ripe old age of 5!


Dinosaurs at Cedar Point in 2012

Also new this year are FIFTY life sized animatronic dinosaurs!  Located on Adventure Island (think of the old boat ride with corny jokes) the dinosaur park promises to be a great opportunity to see the sights and hear the sounds of dinosaurs!  Although there is an additional cost of $5/person for this aspect, I know my nature boy son is going to beg to go in!  I think you will get a preview of these dinosaurs if you hitch a ride aboard the millennium force and don’t blink for the 3 seconds that you’re rounding the corners through them!  Watch out though, because I hear they bite!

where are the new dinosaurs at Cedar Point 2012
where are the new dinosaurs at Cedar Point 2012

These exciting new attractions, coupled with all the rides that my kids are now old enough to ride, (because sharing the fun is the best part) Cedar Point will be a highllight of our Summer!

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