Wonderful Wacky Woollybear Festival 2014

What is a Woollybear? Why are we having a festival for it? Will it be fun? I will cover all of that and more. I am so excited to take our boys to our 1st Woollybear Festival. I am sure your children or grandchildren have seen and gotten excited over the Woollybears they have found. We love finding Woollybears and rescuing them.

woollybear larve and

What is a WoollyBear?

A Woollybear is the moths larve, they are called woollybears because of their long, thick, furlike features. Woollybears are black at both ends with a band of copper/brown in the middle.  They become Isabella Tiger Moths (Pyrrharctia isabella), that have a yellow to orange color with small black dots on their wings.


Why is there a Woollybear festival?

Well folklore has it that the upcoming severity of a winter can be predicted by the amount of black/brown on the caterpillar. It is believed that if a Woollybear’s brown stripe is thick, the winter will be mild and if the brown stripe is narrow, the winter will be severe.  Why not make it into a celebration?

wooly bear how bad will winter be

Will the WoolyBear Festival be fun?

Are you kidding? Of course it will be! In addition to vendors and the availability of Woollybear merchandise there will be lots to do!  There will be a race for the children, a woollybear race, Wooly bear costume judging for both pets and people,and more. Oh, Don’t miss the Wonderful Wacky Woollybear Parade! Our very own Dick Godard from Fox 8 hosts this wonderful event.

Who, What, When, Where?

It’s this Sunday, Sept. 28. the fun begins at 9 a.m. Parking is avaiable at Vermilion Sailorway Middle School at 5355 Sailorway Dr, Vermilion, OH 44089  park and they shuttle you down to the festival area. Shuttle will run 9am-6pm and cost $5 per car to park.The Festival itself is free.

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