Brother and Sister Coyotes Now on Exhibit at the Akron Zoo

The Grizzly Ridge Exhibit at the Akron Zoo has been in place for most of 2013.  However there has been a missing component.  Finally, finally, the zoo has brought in two coyotes born in April in Utah to the Akron Zoo.

Female Coyote
Female Coyote at Akron Zoo

Nestled next to the existing red wolf exhibit – the differences will be obvious and allow for great educational opportunities for kids.  I do HATE when parents guess at what animals are in a particular exhibit and teach their children wrong. I hate hearing “Amanda come look at the Tiger”- when I am at the Lion exhibit.

OK, SoapBox dismount.

Coyotes are fun animals that do roam free here in town.  It is not common to see them crossing streets and darting through neighborhoods right here in Summit County, but it does happen.  I remember visiting the Hale Farm and Village Christmas walk with my children a couple few years ago and off in the distance, in the National Park, we hear a chorus of coyotes howling and carrying on.  Eerie, scary, but interesting.

Male Coyote
Male Coyote at the Akron Zoo

Coyote Naming Contest

The Akron Zoo is allowing the public to help name the Coyotes.  Visit and select from names like Dasan, Shilah, Adany and Kaliska (all names with Native American Origins).


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