100 People You Know on Facebook Steal from the Grocery Store

We received an email blast from SodaHead.com this morning, stating that 25% of people have stolen from the grocery store.  That’s a lot!  Take a look below at the results and I’ll comment underneath-
I know that I am not a big ‘enter your polling data on SodaHead.com’ type person, and honestly, I don’t know who is, but I am guessing from the demographic data difference of the large # of men who do their own shopping, that it is a considerably younger, crowd.

My husband stole a grape

My husband said he stole a grape once when he was 12, it was a BIG grape, so he feels bad, lol.  Getting to it, if you know 400 people on Facebook, 100 of them are thieves.  Does this seem believable?

Do you know lots of folks who steal from the grocery store? 




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