9 Incredibly Simple Tips to Keeping your Food Fresh in the Fridge

The temperature inside your refrigerator can vary because #1- Hot air Rises, and #2 – There is a giant door on the front of your refrigerator that opens every time your son or daughter opens it and drops a jar of maraschino cherries onto the floor- splattering glass and red fleshy fruit all over the place.

Anyway, I got inspired, and looked up some tips recently on how to organize a refrigerator!

Top 9 things to do to organize your food in the refrigerator

  1. Your shelf above the crisper door is the coldest in the refrigerator – keep your chicken or meat in this area- especially those that are raw that you are defrosting.
  2. Keep your dairy and eggs in the back of the refrigerator and definitely NOT on the door- a constant temperature is the absolute best thing to keep these lasting a long time
  3. Keep your leftovers consistently in one section of the refrigerator- so you can see them all in one place when you are scanning for items.
  4. Stay away from using plastic wrap to cover plates of food– does it EVER really work?
  5. Lunch meat and cheese that you bring home and store in the store provided ‘zip lock’ bags won’t last long- change them out to a better container that is more air tight.
  6. Label all your leftover items so you know when you stored them
  7. #6 above is dumb- you’re never gonna do it – so buy the Clearest Containers possible in which you can see what is inside of your leftover dishes!
  8. If you can, group SOME of your foods in larger containers– like put all of your hamburger and BBQ condiments together in an easy basket that you can grab and take OUTside on the patio during this grilling season.
  9. Zone all of your items in groups- keep your prepared foods together, dairy together, and sauces together- if you put and organize all of your sauces in your door according to when you will use them, (ice cream toppings, salad dressings) you will live a full and fruitful life!





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